Thursday, April 08, 2010

NYC Shock Value Limited Edition

The first ever NYC collection that I am not about to make fun of...I am shocked.
The Shock Value collection from NYC features three shades of lip gloss (with all the most popular/overdone colors of spring 2010), nail polish (ewww), eyeshadow (bold but uninteresting) liquid eyeliner and the most interesting part, two limited edition cream blush in sticks/blushable creme sticks.

The icing on the cake are the 1 dollar off coupon, as NYC cosmetics are already dirt-cheap.


  1. Thanks, I kind of could tell with the tags...LOL. I went and picked up a few things. I love the cream blushes. I was a little scared, but they actually have great color. The lip glider things are garbarge though. No color, just shine.

  2. Yeah, I was about to ask why you asked anyway since that yellow tag is everywhere...

    Anyway, I kind of wanted the glosses at first but I kind of expect it to look like colored popsicle at best and I kind of have quite a bit of glosses lying around so...


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