Tuesday, April 06, 2010

LA Splash makeup display

Beside those cool liquid liners I saw in my grocery store, apparently La Splash has a whole makeup display in ULTA.
They seem to be going for a vibrant, bold theme in here. The shimmery shadow are called Diamond Dust and the Glittery ones are called Crystallized smoke.I am liking quite a few of those shade (yellow, apply green and the teal one) but I thought the 7 dollar price tag is a bit too much. (But it's the same for other Made-in-USA cosmetics though).
And there is the line Mesmerizing Smoke (I think I forgot to take picture of this portion because all pots look the same) Look at that deep purple! Overall, the packaging and color selection sort of reminds me of Makeup Forever...La Splash Nail Polish also seem quite interesting (for a drugstore brand).
Honey Lip Gloss, Lip Lacquer and Lip Divinity lipstick.Did Shu Uemura ever patent their design because there are so many brand knocking off their lipstick tube design: Forever 21, Styli-Style and now La Splash...

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  1. The nail polishes look interesting and I like the bottles, I think they're cute. The lipglosses look nice too.


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