Friday, April 02, 2010

Chanel Paris Shanghai - Cute and Creepy

The Cute:

So cute and so typical Japanese kokeshi, kawaii! (Reads: There is nothing Chinese about it). I have a few of these which I used them to hit my cousins, those dolls are hard and discreet, perfect material as weapon...

Well, I guess Chinese and Japanese are the same according to Grandpa Karl. (No, I am not really offended, since he kind of looks like a barbecue grill to me anyway...)

The Creepy:I can see they are going for the freshly-dug-national-treasure-dated-back-1000-years theme, with the oxidized bronze and scratched enamel but these brand new accessories look 100x more beaten up than the real thing...

And why does that eel has a dragon head? Of course the horror doesn't stop here...

The Misunderstood
Did the owner of Chanel also "save" a tassel company, like Stila ? And that take out box (as well as fortune cookies that usually come with it), I have seen it in nowhere but United States...

This is Shanghai circa 1930s? Somebody working in Chanel is more delusional than me...


  1. hahahaahaa
    what a fail.

  2. lol!! but I found the key chains sooper cute. :P

  3. I like your last sentence. ;)


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