Friday, April 23, 2010

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Rosy 22

The weather is gloomy so I don't feel like posting much and I am so f--king sick of those commercial spams, anonymous commenters and people asking questions (as if I owe them something) when I clearly indicated the answer in the post...Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Rosy (#22) is a bright coral pink jelly with a very thick, tacky texture. It's so thick that every time I push back the tiny brush applicator, the bristle will get pushed and frayed because of the high viscosity. (Product design fail, if you ask me...)
Bobbi Brown Rosy, color wise, is actually very close to MAC tinted lip conditioner (from the Hello Kitty collection last year) except for the fact that their finishes are completely different: While MAC tinted lip conditioner imparts a soft, balmy sheen with a little pop of color, Bobbi Brown gives a jelly-like finish and a good(enough for lip gloss) deal of color that I can literally dilute it using clear gloss without sacrificing too much pigmentation.
The sticky factor, nor the somewhat strange scent, isn't my complain about Bobbi Brown lip gloss. I do love how it looks with only a little glob of products (more than that will make my lips look like sausages) but the tube is absolutely tiny,around the same length as my pinkie... Combined with the 20 dollar retail price, this has to be the most expensive lip gloss I have tried so far consider (the old version of) Diorkiss was 2 dollar cheaper and has more than 4x the products...

I guess I will just have to keep it for special occasion then?


  1. Oh ! I just visited the Bobbi Brown Counter and I did not even gave this a second look, I should give this a try! this looks gorgeous on your lips, but wait, with your tiny lips? and you'll look like sausage lips when applied a bit more? Then I guess, I should just skip this? My lips look like a sausage already without anything! hahaha :D

  2. I hate the brush, too. I bought Peach back in 2008 and the first time I opened it I thought, "I spent $20 and they couldn't pony up for a better applicator?" Still love the product. :D

  3. I read a lot of reviews that don't like the brush. I wonder why they don't bother to change it?
    Anyway, the gloss looks fabulous on you! So pigmented that you can dilute it and it's still pigmented? Sounds like a great formula. But given the price and the packaging, I'll pass. Still, I think you should use it whenever you feel like it, as opposed to saving it for a special occasion. So many glosses, so little time.

    Sorry to hear that there are so many annoyances, hope it improves!

  4. It is a very pretty gloss, but I think there are other possibilities for less money!

  5. The color looks gorgeous but I don't really feel like spending so much for such a small tube, esp when the brush is horrible too.


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