Monday, April 12, 2010

Anna Sui Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation

Anna Sui Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation was released in fall 2009 at a part of the revamped base makeup line. The collection, being the fourth generation, features new primer, foundation and powder foundation with the (huge) rose design. I decided to give the new foundation a try since it's the first time they decided to include a pump (for older ones you have to pour it out).

According to Anna Sui's official website, there are 6 shades available in Japan: 3 beige based and 3 pink based. Beside the (persumably neutral toned) E99, all the foundation shades comes with SPF 15 and PA ++, which shouldn't do much but it's better than nothing.
In other areas like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, there were additional lighter (B-00) and darker shades (B-04 and P-06) to suit more skin tones. I might as well screen capture the Anna Sui site from Singapore, in English, to make your life easier but their font was kind of ugly...

Anyway, my color choice was P-04, the lightest pink based shade in the range. I feel that the color match was fairly accurate as it neither looks too muddy yellow (Hello, Laura Mercier) or too pink/porky like other foundation shade from western brands. Well, it's an Japanese brand after all...
Scented like roses, Anna Sui moisture rich fluid foundation has a very light and watery (not runny) texture that feels fresh and comfortable on the face. Despite the watery texture, it's quite malleable and easy to spread that I only need a small pea sized/a hemisphere with 2-3mm radius/not even a complete pump to cover up my whole face.

I have some spots on my cheeks (I have those since I was in 3rd grade), some scaring here and there and a thinned-out epidermis due to the stupid stuff I did 2.5 years ago with an electric tooth brush. The foundation was able to even out , but not cover up, all of the spots without too much caking with a tiny glob (when I use more it will start to cake). As long as I use it sparingly, It's doesn't look like a mask or turn my powder blush muddy.
A before-during-after picture of how Anna Sui foundation wears.

I would say that it offers a light/light-medium coverage, similar to what Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer gives but feels much more moisturizing and breathable. The foundation also wears pretty well without too much fading or transfer (maybe it's so sheer that I didn't even notice when it's rubbing off)and doesn't become blotchy (on a cool dry day).

Having said that, I don't think this is suitable for people with oily skin or who live in hotter, more humid climate (Well, it's a fall release after all). I have tried it with a tad bit of the very light Oshima tsubaki oil underneath. This water based foundation just turned blotchy right away and travels everywhere with that tad bit of oil.


  1. Girl you really have a lot of Anna Sui! I love it this foundation review the best! Great help, I'm thinking of getting this or the protective fluid foundation L since I live in a humid weather...

  2. Chelle:
    I think the S/S release should be a better choice, this stuff gets blotchy fairly quickly when it's hot.

    I got this from eBay and you can get it at evecare (out of stock at the moment) and Yes Style.

  3. Such cute packaging! It gives a nice "glow" on your face! Most Japanese branded foundation works that way I guess :)

  4. The bottle looks so pretty! And I love how the foundation looks on you. I agree with Nikki, it makes your face glow.

  5. Nikki/Gio:
    The foundation itself is completely sheer and matte so the glowing effect is more due to the lighting than the actual foundation (it looks more "glowy" because the marks on my faces is somewhat diffused so you notice a bigger and more uniform "reflector" than bare skin.)

  6. anna sui is a chinese brand...

    1. With the exception of a few mirrors and powder compacts, which can be from Thailand, China or Taiwan, most of Anna Sui cosmetics are made in Japan by a Japanese company Albion so I would call it Japanese, even though Anna the designer herself is American.


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