Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Anna Sui Mini Rouge in Sheer Cherry

This is probably more of an accessory than makeup item.
Anna Sui mini rouge in 401 (I think 400 is more of a shimmer free straight up red) is an item from their permanent line up. While the black ones are not as special, they tend to look more substantial and less like cheap-plastic.The Mini Rouge key-ring sized lip balm/lip color in a tub in a pretty mirrored compact and a chain to hang on to your bag strap. As the name suggests, the rouge is quite mini as it contains only 1/3 of what a normal lipstick contains, only around 1g of product.
This particular mini rouge is very much like a tinted lip balm with very fine shimmers (that turned out to be invisible), it has a jelly surface that melts once you place your finger/brush on it.

The red tint as well as the finish of Anna Sui mini rouge is very subtle, I like how it fits the contour/lip lines like second skin and gives just the right amount of color and shine. I am not sure if anybody wants to pay their normal retail price (20 bucks?) for this kind of barely there effect though, especially you will run out in no time.

On the bright side, the cute compact is refillable (You can use a sterile spoon with lipstick/balm of your choice in it, and heat the spoon with a candle then pour the liquid in the cavity. Kids, don't try it unless your guardian is present.)


  1. It looks gorgeous to me. But then again I love sheer glosses that imparts a natural shine and make lips look dewy.

    But 20 bucks for 1g of product...T_T I don't mind the size of the product since I have more than a dozen glosses lying around but i really wish they'd sell it cheaper. Like 8 - 10 bucks. I'd buy it.

  2. Irene:
    I have probably more than a douzen (I am still in denial)but I still feel cheated out when glosses are tiny...

    Those mini rouge are pretty cheap if you find them in set and I always see them showing up in those South Asian blogger's "warehouse sale haul" posts.


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