Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brushes - Bamboo Collection and New Release

Most of the time I am not a big fan of cheap brushes because they tend to feel flimsy and not last very long for me (I really abuse them) and as a person with a rotten luck, I am always the person who get a defective item when everybody else was raving about certain product. Anyway, Sonia Kashuk the Target brand, is as good as it can get for drugstore makeup brushes but the catch is that, the good ones are not all that cheap,cheaper ones are not that good (not even as good as the 1-dollar elf) and they definitely don't go through the same kind of quality control as other high end brands (I have gotten SK brushes that sheds like post-chemo Persian cat).

Anyway, Sonia Kashuk does come up with limited edition brush set every season and I think they at least worth a look (although I would probably not buy them as the quality is not as nice as the full-sized ones).
The spring 2010 Sonia Kashuk brush release has bamboo theme, I am not sure about the eco-friendly part (as I believe the ultimate of being natural and nice-to-mother-earth is to not put on makeup/chemicals) but at least the handles look sort of cute and a lot less ridiculous as last years Pedegg-inspired coral reef collection. The brown eyeshadow palette looks sort of nice and chocolaty, not that I would by it though (I will just stick with nail polish and lip gloss, things I know how to wear).
Stand-up powder brush - I have gotten a limited edition brush like this and while it's 70% the price of a full sized one, it's not even half as soft and the tips seems to have a sharp cut feel to it, there is no tester for this brush so I am not sure if they have improved quality or not (my guess is not, judging by how the tip looks). There is also a mini brush set with a cork pencil case.

The bamboo collection is cute (not cute enough for me to chip in though) while the fun part has just started: Their added member into the black squiggly brushes family.
The powder brush has been out for a while and is always a favorite among people (I have touched it and it's indeed stiff yet soft as a breeze) and there is a new multi purpose dome shaped nylon brush that reminds me of the famous Sephora # 50 air brush foundation brush. Ok, they don't even look that much alike but at least they are both very soft...
Slanted cheek brush (the tester itself is shedding like mad but I am guessing it's their quality control not the product itself)that is also quite soft (I ran out of word to use, apparently) I am thinking a cat with long fur like this would be so cute...or maybe a bit creepy.

I have gotten the synthetic brush on the right as well (the first time I got it there was a serious shedding issue but my second attempt was fine), while it's nice, I personally can't find anything special about it, as I use my finger for foundation/cream brush and this isn't all that good for powdered products...Tapered Cheek brush (or they just changed the name to medium length multi-purpose powder brush, I think a good brush should be multi-purpose even you don't mention it) and the newly added slanted cheek brush which should be nice for cheek contouring.

Anyway, east Asian usually don't care about cheek bones though (if we are not doing anything to play it down...). It's like I saw a German Japanese pianist on YouTube, when I saw the interview done in English, her cheek bone was strong enough to look like The Scream (Ok, a bit exaggerated) while she was interviewed by almost wouldn't notice her cheeks.

Back to topic...

Sonia Kashuk finally re-released (there used to be a very well-rated crease/blending brush and it has been "out of stock" for 2 years online...)/remade an eye blending brush and came up with a new dome-shaped brush. Both of them looks pretty cute and I would consider buying them if I didn't give up on eyeshadow (these are around the same price as MAC lipstick) already.
Tapered eyeshadow brush as a replacement for the yellow-haired one (the same material used as the brush on the right) and the small eyeshadow brush. Overall I would say they are nice to look into if you are starting to build your basic collection (My experience with these Sonia Kashuk brushes is that black handle is better than the white/LE/retractable ones and natural hair is better than the synthetic haired ones) . While I think Stila brushes would offer better performance/price ratio (and Stila brushes are not that expensive during sale, which seems to be going on every 3 days nowadays), Sonia Kashuk would be nice since they are slightly cheaper and their spoke model is not nearly as off-putting.


  1. i dunno...i think all these brushes by her look kinda ugly...

  2. Simple Elegance:
    Haha, they do take a little while to get used to (My main complain is that these take a lot of extra space on storage)but the brush head are pretty nice if you get to touch them.

  3. I may head out today and check themoutmy sister needs brushes Imay pick some up forher. Thanks for the review!

  4. Awesome post I need some of these! I am your new follower :)
    Please follow me back? :)


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