Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Revlon Perle Eyeshadow Single in Sparkling Gold

Revlon Perle Eyeshadow is a part of the new release in late 2009 early 2010.
There are several gorgeous colors like deeps green, teal and gray available in the new collection, I picked this shade, Sparkling Gold, up because I though things can't go wrong with a highlighter shade, especially it's so pretty under (artificial) light.
Sparkling Gold is definitely a misleading name as with natural light, it looks more like "Pale yellow with huge fish scale glitters" to me. This particular shade appears to be quite dusty as there was an ample amount of fall-out as I open the compact.

Texture wise, it seems very chalky at first when I try to pick up the color with the sponge applicator (and most color just stick into the pores on the sponge instead of transferring onto my eyes) but things become easier when I use my fingers or a flat-top brush to pick the powder up.
There is nothing bad about the color, as it's soft and delicate...Well, the shade's intensity is fairly close to my natural skin tone so the yellow barely shows (it's a just a very thin film of yellow that's doing nothing but hanging least the Nars Tokyo duo gives me a polished and a tad bit of definition). When I try to build on the soft yellow color, thinking it would make a nice highlighter, it just becomes chalky and the glitters start to pool up in certain areas...

It would be nice if the glitter is nice and sharp but like most drugstore glitter, they just don't make the cut (I have mentioned that drugstore shimmery lipsticks and glittery eyeliner have the tendency to go very wrong on me, this is another example.)

Overall: I should have spent the dollar (it's 4 bucks in my grocery store but there was a 3-dollar off coupon) on a bag of gummy bears instead.


  1. Aw, too bad. I had a disappointing eyeshadow like that too, I think it was Maybelline, and I scraped it out into a little pot and crushed it up into a loose powder. That made it easier for me to apply for some reason. Maybe because I could get more on the brush or something. I don't even use it anymore but perhaps that might work for this one. Just an idea.

    Thanks for these reviews! I enjoy reading them and I enjoy not wasting my money even more. Sorry that you didn't get your gummi bears though. :(

  2. sad story :(
    i see revlon eyeshadow in poundland so i tend to not buy it when i see it full price...

  3. Asami:
    I have crushed a few pan shadow instead and it spilled everywhere 10 minutes right after I am finished with the work...My roommate wasn't very happy about it...

    Simple Elegance:
    Oh, I will survive (my profile image doesn't help much, though...) as long as I have my gatorade and pickles.

  4. Those glitters are teh yucks!


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