Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Revlon Midnight Affair Nail Color

From my drugstore clearance haul (I realized that even it was 75% off in CVS I would be better off just buying it in my grocery store, as the 3-dollar off sale was going at the same time as the CVS clearance...Whatever, it was a 25-cent difference so I am fine...) another Revlon polish I don't really like. (See, I have probably gotten around 7 bottles of Revlon in total but I only like the limited edition lilac one from last year.)
Revlon Midnight Affair is a deep shimmering navy blue, if you look closely enough, the color is actually a semi-opaque black with a ton of blue shimmer, there are so much blue in it so the overall effect is a deep navy instead of navy-black. I have no complain about the color as it's quite rich and beautiful (although this does shrink my nail bed a bit).

The formula isn't too hard to work with either (but I feel it's a tad loose that it has a tendency to run into my cuticles and make a nasty mess) as it's has the similar texture to that of shimmery Wet n Wild (a lot better than Maybelline, ahem)but definitely not as nice as Barielle or China Glaze.
The deep navy makes a very pretty and somewhat formal manicure, like the one you would (could) wear to a ball. No close up available because I made a big mess applying it (and this is my third attempt) so this is allover my cuticles. The fatal flaw about Midnight Affair/Midnight Madness is that it's the most squishy and slow-drying nail polish I have ever tried (The Squish Queen runner-up is Revlon Coconut gag but that one went gunky because I bought it without realizing that it has been opened up and tested by some cheap XXXXX), it was like I had to apply it right before taking the picture so the manicure wouldn't get ruined on the way from my bedroom to the balcony, which is like...5 steps away?


  1. i havent personally tried it but i wonder if you buy seche vite and put it on top, it might dry really fast.
    i always see lots of revlon nail polishes in poundland so i assume they arent amazing. ie. not many people seem to be buying them

  2. I have this polish, and I love it. And it seems to dry quickly for me, which is strange, since I've had my bottle for years.

  3. This is such a pretty color! I always think it's interesting how slow drying people say Revlon is. The only Revlon polish I've ever tried dried really quickly.

  4. Your hands are so pretty! This color chips on me as soon as it dries though >_<

  5. This looks really nice. Not as dark as Midnight Cami but not too light!! Does it mean its discontinued if you got it on clearance?

  6. Simple elegance:
    I know this might sound lame to you...I never thought about seche vite because...the packaging is way too ugly for something that cost 5 bucks...

    Revlon here is not that expensive in my grocery store either as I can get brand new shades for around a dollar.I am guessinng there are only grandma shades in your Poundland?
    Wait...the exact same one (they had a limited edition bottle called dark pleasure something like that before they re-released the color)? Maybe I should keep it for a few years to see what is going to happen...
    For what I know, the light ones all dries pretty quickly (but many shades are kind of nasty)the dark ones are prettier but the formula is more of a pain in @$$.
    (Ha, I saw you in tianshi before)I didn't even had the chance to see it dry on me as it get squashed right away...Anyway, I repainted my nails with China Glaze let's groove and it was so pretty...
    I think it's still there, CVS sometime put clearance sticker on permanent items as well, like a year ago all the super lustrous glosses were half off. I think maybe they are getting a newer batch or something like that.


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