Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Revlon Manicure Pedicure Tools and Makeup Brushes

While we are all waiting for the much anticipated Revlon summer makeup collection (Shimmer free Super Lustrous gloss in lilac, coral and bright pink...I must be dreaming!) here is something boring to fill up the space.
Revlon "German quality" tweezers (because Tweezerman is made in Germany) that was made in either Taiwan or Pakistan (I am not sure), nail file and pedicure kit. I think you are better off buying the no-brand brand from your grocery store. Revlon also introduced a line of flimsy looking makeup brushes. For 13 dollars (consider my grocery store offers very low price), I would rather go for the Sonia Kashuk black squiggly...


  1. Is this the new collection in question?


    If so, I'm totally with you on the glosses. Hope the stores in my area will get them! Oddly enough, I had to buy a pair of Tweezermans for work and they're made in India. Go figure. Still love em.

    - C

  2. I'm gonna desagree with you with the brushes, one of the best brushes in my collection is one by Revlon (the contour shadow brush) I use it every time I do my makeup and it hasn't shed a single hair in almost a year, it is perfect for contour and blending and trust me it is not flimsy at all!

  3. C:
    I have two pairs of tweezerman and they are both made in Germany, that why I made the assuption but anyway, sometime it has very little things to do with where things are made, it more about the quality control associate with the brand.
    Oh, it's nice to know they work well. (I said flimsy-looking in my post though.) I just thought the whole line seems very expensive for some brushes that doesn't even look very well-made.I certainly don't want to shell out the money just to convince I am wrong...because I am obviously better off buying on-sale-Stila or full priced Sonia Kashuk.

    P.S. I have had my elf eyeshadow brush for 9 months already and it's quite soft and has zero shedding not to mention it's only a dollar.

  4. do u have ruby and millie there?
    i really like their brushes (that ive tried)and they dont look shit

  5. Simple Elegance:
    We don't have Barry M, Sleek, Gosh, Ruby Millie, C2000 etc. Even the Rimmel collection we have here is not as cool (there is that gorgeous coral in their moisture renew line but the shade line up with have is totally different).


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