Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prestige Cosmetics Display

Prestige is a drugstore cosmetics brand that's famous for their liquid/pencil eyeliners. I have gotten a few of their products while the brand was being pulled out in Walgreen but it's reappearing in my grocery store (in the other hand, Sally Hansen lip glosses are being sacked).

I am so used to their clearance basket price so the normal-priced item all seems quite expensive.
Prestige My Longest Lashes mascara - around 8 dollars.

Skin Loving mineral eyeshadow quad - I swear companies are just putting the word "mineral" on their packaging just for the heck of it...
Mineralized blush - They don't even look baked, more like pressed pan in dome shape.Their mineral eyeshadow singles looks pretty cute and wearable though. I might get one if it's ever cheap enough...


  1. haha...we dont GET clearance baskets here...with anything good anyway
    or free perfume samples... :(

  2. They are 75% off now on some of thelipsticks but was not too sure about the colors.

  3. Simple Elegance:
    Come on, you guys get those annual price slash on highend brands (I heard on several British blogs) and that's so much cooler than a bunch of 1-dollar eyeliner that clutter up the room...

    I wish we have 50% off Guerlain meteorite here...
    I have seen them in the basket last year but I am not sure I want some frosty light pink lipsticks...

  4. Ohh, I like the designs. Pretty.


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