Sunday, March 28, 2010

Petal Pouts

A reading list for late March, the first part is random and the second part are reviews/swatches for a bunch of (mainly coral and non-drugstore) lipsticks, I wanted to make a separate post about coral lipsticks I like from other blogger but I am already sick of the color, guess who has short attention span again?
A (dyed) carnation I got from Walgreen on St.Patrick's day.

Frog Fail (video) -Fail Blog
Nude peachy look - Snowkei
Nfu-Oh Holo #65 - Polish Pixie

OCC Lip Tar in Grandma
MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt
Lipstick Queen Coral Saint
Guerlain + Dior = Milani = lol
Barry M Lip Paint Peachy Pink
YSL Rouge Volupte Faubourg Peach
Nars, Shiseido and many other lipsticks


  1. Gawd, Snowkei is so gorgeous and talented.

  2. She has a very nice personality as well,(even you don't read how she writes)you can see she includes a so-called "No-makeup auntie shot" for comparison...

    I personally don't like girls with a "Oh-I-am-so-pretty" attitude (in picture) or tone in her writing...I guess Chinese value humility just as much as Benjamin Franklin...


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