Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Odango is taking over the world?

Odango (the meat ball bun)- You have seen it on plenty of Asian magazines, you have seen it on several designer runway shows (Marc Jacobm, Luella), you have seen it on influential heads like those of singer Leona Lewis, model Chanel Iman and fashion blogger Jane Aldridge...It didn't hit me until I see the meatballs on...

Guys...Is it's just me or it's disturbing?
From left to right: Japanese singer Akashini Jin from the boy band Kat-Tun, actor Ando Masanobu, and Chinese comedian Xiao Shenyang (Ok, this doesn't really count as it was taken at a set but you know...Chinese people are not exactly known for their style...)

Beside the fact that it looks pretty gay to me, the three guys totally remind me of

Dango Sankyodai (The three meatball brothers).

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