Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nars for Philipe Lim - The Russian Invasion

While everybody is (was, since I like to be behind on matters like these) talking about her favorite makeup, clothes and collections when it comes to New York Fashion Week (which seems like ages ago...) I would like to talk about two faces I like, which is frankly the first thing I notice and the only thing I remember from a fashion show ...

Doesn't she, Alina Krasina, look so angelic and dolly with those soft waves and the toned down rosy cheeks (a new Nars blush I don't remember the name of) ? I can totally see her modelling for princess brands like Jill Stuart and Paul & Joe.
Another model I like from the show is Ranya Mordanova (I didn't know both of them were Russian until I Googled...) I like her hair, front teeth and the air of playfulness she has. She would make such a nice Anna Sui cosmetics spoke model...I am tired of that hyperactive Agyness Deyn, who looked more manly than Edward Bess (which is not saying much) in the Anna Sui Rock Me poster...

The whole collection was alright, nothing really eye catching for me but I thought some of the shoes look pretty cool.

P.S. Pictures are from NYmag dot com.


  1. Hey! just saw your comment in my blog and leave an asnwer for you there.

    This first girl is so cute, romantic and girly. =) the second one is a little bit scary, seems like she has more teeth than necessary in her mouth. Russian girls are famous here with the boys cause they have the fame of being gorgeous- I like when they have that natural gold red hair color that I love - so pretty!

  2. I've been reading your blog for quite sometimes but never post a comment.

    I love the Russian style as it is so classic yet stylish. I like the second model because she reminds me of my sister so well.

  3. Cacau:
    Haha, the Brazilian girls are more famous her in US probably because of Victoria's Secret...Anyway, I (am not sure if we are talking about the same thing)like those girl's ginger/sandy hair colors as well, since the "standard blond" is so over done in America...

    I think I picked a not very flattering picture of the second girl (although I do think she is known for her front in other show she did, she reminds me of a tomboy who would play prank on the boys in the neighborhood and make them cry (I think I am just delusional).

    Haha, it's funny that because Ranya (her messy hair) kind of reminds me of the young version Ivo Pogorelić, a Coratian pianist...(I didn't mention it because I didn't find a convincing photo). I never quite notice those Russian's girls' style, since I have only been looking at their faces.

  4. Wow Alina is Gorgeous!!! she looks like a dolla

  5. But Ivo Pogorelic has curly hair when he was young and I don't know how he managed to tame those hair. Thanks to God, now he is bold. Haha, my sis-in-law loves him so much. I prefer Maksim Mrvica.


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