Monday, March 15, 2010

Maybelline Colossal Diamond

If you like warm brown/yellow and dirty teal for spring and summer (who does?) , here is a collection for you. Maybelline Colossal Diamond Collection features 3 (dull and gloomy) eyeshadow duo with starry/snowflake prints on the pan (either way it's so last season) and shimmery/glittery mascara.


  1. I'm actually more interested in the mascara, haven't seen them in my local CVS today..

  2. Shiya:
    I think it would be there soon, my grocery store usually have these LE collection out 2-3 weeks earlier than drugstores and I took the picture 2 weeks ago, I think...

  3. I wanted one of the duos, I forget which one. It would make a great neutral for me. I keep seeing this display at Walgreens'


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