Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Max Factor Lipstick in Ms Understood

Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color in Ms Understood was definitely a product of misunderstanding:
From the "swatch" provided at the bottom, I thought it was a light-medium blue pink but it turned out to be a deep rose, the kind of shade I have a bunch of (by accidents, because the "swatch" on the bottom is always showing something else) but nowhere to wear...
The deep rose lipstick reminds me of a Lancome nail color my mom had (that got tipped over by me and spilled everywhere), the color looks a bit old lady, just like mom's Lancome vernis (I suspect that was the reason she wasn't even too mad about it), very much like the petal and peacocks lipstick from Mac.

The difference is that I am willing to give the old lady color a try when it's 2 bucks (14 dollars for Mac? Nah-uh.) Plus, if deep rose lips are good enough for her (Grace Chang, a popular singer from the 60s) it's good enough for me. Actually, the Max Factor lipstick looks nothing like what she is wearing but I just want an excuse to put her picture up, because she is gorgeous. (Duh...)Anyway, the deep rose turns out to be surprisingly wearable as the color is neither too bold nor too neon. The Max Factor Lipstick formula tend to perform better with deeper colors than the lighter ones as it glides much more nicely without being chalky.
With a clear gloss on top. I thinking I am running out of thing to say about these Max Factor lipsticks (they are all so good)...


  1. I love your blog! Just curious, how does this color compare to YSL Rouge Volupte in Provocative Pink? I remember you saying that one wasn't very wearable. I love this color, by the way!

    I love if you'd check out my blog as well!

  2. Color wise, MF is not as neon/bright and slightly deeper/rosier that YSL #10, they are both fuchsia but I found MF a lot more wearable when I applied the standard way and YSL wears more beautifully as a stain because the malleable texture.

    Texture/finish wise, they are totally different. (Anyway, if you like that slightly moist matte looking, Lancome le rouge absolu is kind of similar to YSL, although I prefer the lancome texture because they are not overly soft.)

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I've been wanting the YSL one for a long time but didn't want to spend $34 for it if I wasn't going to love it.

  4. I may have to hit up my drugstore and see if they are still on sale.

  5. I think I saw a ton of these lipsticks in the clearance bin at Ulta. I knew I should have picked up a few. :(

  6. Tiffany:
    I think you might still like nude/beige/pink ones because the line is known for the high coverage and creamy texture, I personally like lipsticks in more candy colors.

    I never saw these in drugstore actually, just in grocery store (they are gone now) and ulta.

    My local ulta doesn't even have that great of a deal, I only saw one lipstick (sweet tart, which I already have) and it was 5 bucks...

  7. i think it looks a lovely colour on you...
    i think it might look really good with a medium brown eyeliner on ur eyelid and a little bit of gold eyeshadow, and a pink blusher....
    hmm i might try that myself lol

    iv noticed u always go from my blog to raes blog lol...

  8. Simple Elegance:
    I can't take so many colors on my face at a time, it's like if I wear blush, I feel the complusion to leave my lips bare...Well, I used to do clown makeup at mid-nights when I am stuck on my homework but now I stopped because it scared the crap out of my roommate...

    As of Rae's blog, you guys update at the same time of the she is always on the top of your list when I went to your blog.

  9. haha lool
    u no nocturnal...its 5am here which means its 12am in canada...

  10. hmmm...on my face it looks unbalanced if i have a strong colour on my lips it kills it if i havent got something on my eyes to balance it out.

  11. oh btw i took off moderation cos it really takes the absolute there any way to prevent spam? i just end up having to delete spam comments every day...

  12. - Be anti-social. (I am not the kind of person who go "you look great" on 100 blogs so I personally don't get those meaningless comments in return)
    - Don't cam whore.
    - Put a big warning message
    - Moderate message older than a certain day
    - Pick a e-mail inbox for comment notification and in the mailbox, "spam" the comments from those "safe people" so that you will only see the notification when new people leave their comments.

  13. lolz i mean actual spam
    written in chinglish... :s
    but i will moderate message older than certain day...and the spam comments idea is good

    ta for that advice :D

  14. Try swatching the lipstick on the tip of your finger - it will give a more believable swatch, since tips of our finger often have a rosy hue.

  15. Not as bad as that fuschia Revlon lipstick.

  16. Simple Elegance:
    I count those 3-word comments as spam...

    Thanks for the tips but in US we are not supposed to swatch drugstore lipstick/or even open it.

    It would be very difficult to top that one...It only took me one swipe to go "this shit is going back to CVS..."

  17. I'm loving Ms.Changs look. She's beautiful!

  18. I have been looking for this lipstick for so long now! Damn discontinuing :( do you know of any dupes ? :)

    1. I don't have any dupe in my collection but I suppose you can find similar ones in the Covergirl (also owned by P&G) lip perfection range, maybe the shade "embrace" ? (I rarely buy from the brand since their price point is rather expensive and rarely go on sale like Revlon/Maybelline).

    2. Thank you so much for replying :) I don't have covergirl (i'm from the UK) but im coming to the US this summer so I will have a look then :) Thanks again :D


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