Sunday, March 21, 2010

L'Oreal Colour Juice in Tutti Frutti

I have gotten a bunch of these L'Oreal Colour Juice when CVS was slashing the price because come on, they are only a dollar a piece (75% off with 3 dollars off 2 L'Oreal Products coupon from their official website)!
Tutti Frutti is a semi-opaque, half jelly half cream bright pink. It's bright enough to give a pop of color to the face but not too vibrant to be mistaken for fuchsia. I wore it the day I checked out MAC + Liberty of London in Saks and when I was in the Sephora (a few steps away from Saks),looking at lipstick/filling up my swatch fist, the associate looked at me and went : "This is YOUR color!"

By the way, I only wore two cosmetic items (the other one is China Glaze Nail Polish in Cherish ) that day and I got compliments on both of them! Speaking of vanity efficiency...Ok, let's get back to topic.Like the other cream L'Oreal Colour Juice lip gloss (the shimmery ones' texture are not as user friendly) I have tried, this shade has a thick consistency (compared to Lancome Juicy Tubes) that takes a little while to spread and it would probably look horrible when I have a bad lips.

Overall, this is another "Love-is-conditional" product I got: I love love it when it's a dollar a piece (I can deal with 2 bucks as well) but I am not sure if I want to pay more...


  1. I have had these in all colors but the two I keep buying year after year are butter scotch drop and raspberry smash. The perfect nude and red lip for me when i'm in a rush. I did try tutti frutti once did not like it but perhaps it may look good with a tan on me so I may pick it up again since it looks great on you. thanks!

  2. I bought this on the 75% off sale too! But it was too blue for my skin tone.

  3. I think it looks really pretty on you! I'm think I might buy a similar color I saw in the Dior line. My CVS had a lot of sales before, but now there aren't anymore! ): I'm sure I could use the coupon at Rite-Aid though hehe.

  4. Shellsea:
    I have bought a couple of items because they look awesome on other girls but it turned out...So I don't suggest you to try anything because other people like it (buy it if you really like blue pink instead).
    You can dilute it with clear gloss or use it with gold pigments, these colour juice actually works better as a pigment base than lancome juicy tubes.
    I think the 3 dollar off coupon should work pretty well even if you are just stacking it with a BOGO sale...I guess more sale will come around May/June...


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