Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Borghese Tuitti Gelati and Orly Sweet Collection

While I don't necessarily buy everything that's out, I love looking at limited edition nail polish displays!
Borghese Tuitti Gelati- What a pretty collection for spring, I am liking the yellow, teal and coral so far.
Orly Sweet Collection was out in my grocery store as well. I have gotten the coral one called Pixi Stix 3 weeks ago in ULTA and I am still on the fence about the color, while the shade was deliciously pretty on its own, the warm and somewhat neon quality about the polish just make my skin looks really ugly(as it picks up all the grayish, yellow, and mauve undertone I have, all at once).

I will try to swatch it in a week or two but right now I am enjoying my nothing-manicure (I like bracelet a lot better than nail polishes).

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