Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anna Sui Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in 200

I have gotten several eyeliner pencils and they either smudge right away or don't go on my eyes at all (if not doing both), let's see if Anna Sui is able to outperform the other...
The Eyeliner Pencil WP (waterproof) was released as a part of Anna Sui summer collection and added to the permanent line back in 2008.
There are 10 shades available in range and I picked up 200, a rich plummy purple that neither looks like eye infection nor bruise on my skin.
Instead of being soft and creamy like most high end pencil eyeliners, this pencil has a relatively stiff core and it would be the perfect texture for a brow pencil, as you only get a very light swipe of color with a standard pressure (that you exert to pencil and such) but the color builds on when you go back and forth for a few more time.
Anna Sui Eye Liner pencil, being truly waterproof, makes a perfect base for glittery eyeliner (I used Too Faced Super Freak) in a liquid base as it holds the glittery in place, instead of getting cracked up like cream liner or dissolved like cake eyeliner.

I would love it, if the color is not super difficult to get on: Not only I feel like I am poking my eyes out with that bit of pathetic intensity (see the lower lash line?), it was impossible to make it show as nicely as how it looks on my hand. I might need to microwave it to see if it works better with higher surrounding temperature.

Overall: I guess it's still better than raccoon eyes?


  1. easier than microwaving, you could also try warming the pencil up by swiping a few times on the back of your hand first! ;)

  2. Jen:
    Actually,that was exactly what I did: running it back and forth on the back of my hand (first swatch) with a lot of force then poking my eyes out doing the eyeball swatch...


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