Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scary in Scarlet - Glossy Cherry Lip Combo

A very simple and (a tad) scary (since I felt like uncle McDonald) red lips with two very inexpensive drugstore products: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Very Cherry and Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Cherries in the Glow.

The idea is as simple as the one from another cherry theme combo, it's all about sheer + sheer = bold.
Memoir of a Geisha style - When I first saw the poster for that movie, I totally thought it was thriller...Close up of Maybelline Very Cherry (I kind of loaded on the red) glossed with Revlon gloss.

The combo is perfectly dramatic but it has a tendency to travel everywhere and fade from the corners pretty quickly, especially when you talk. (If you are a singer who likes strong lips for performance, stay away as this will make you look like the Joker in the middle of a song.)
Another layer of Maybelline is added to intensify the red color (since the lip gloss was a bit watery that it diluted the original color.) Anyway, I think I am a bit into red lips now, let's see if I have any vintage clothes lying around since this looks a tad weird with my hoodies and sweat pants...


  1. You have such a lovely smile! ^^ I was totally reminded of Memoirs of a Geisha!

  2. Loved it! Nothing weird or scary..just sexy! Did you use lipliner before? It helps to stop the lipstick+gloss traveling out of mouth... Imagine if you kiss someone with

  3. Red lips look great on you! I wish I could pull them off so well too.

  4. Kim:
    Thanks, now all I need is a pair of blue contact lenses...
    Haha, I never use lipliner for a simple reason,I am too lazy and it's not like I will wear this kind of look to school will pretty scare everybody who sees it, since my features a bit on the scary side when my expression is bland.
    Wait till you see the whole face shot, I couldn't stop laughing myself when I saw it because I looked like uncle McDonald...

  5. wow your teeth looks gorgeous!!!! I know you have good teeth to start with but this makes your teeth even whiter! :)

  6. looks more like a night look than a day look. Not cool to school :)

    Changing topics, can you help me with something? I'm looking for a similar lipstick of chris&tell, and that pĂȘche one you said isn't selling at the stores that ship to brazil. If you pass by a lancome/bourjois counter, can you say if one of these looks like c&t?
    Lancome rouge absolu - shades: Escapade and tendre baiser

    Bourjois- docteur glamour - rose toubib

    I'm asking these because web photos are never reliable (bought lots of things trusting web photos and when arrived it was completely different).


  7. Cacau:
    I am afraid I can't really help you with that. As sephora has pulled out Bourjois for around a year or two (as it's sort of a low-end brand with a mid range price in US) and for the part of the collection that's available in US, it's relatively hard to find and very limited.

    As for Lancome counter, the one in my local mall is quite small and it has very limited number, in Sephora, the whole line of Le Rouge Absolu is not even there...

    Anyway, I personally don't think there is a need to find an exact dupe consider it doesn't even look that stunning on Temptalia (who is known for taking very clear picture) but if you still want to find something similar, you can take a look at this post .

  8. not scary!! you have gorgeous lips.. i'm so jealous!! XD i could never pull of something so bold!

  9. Mansi:
    It's scary when you look at the whole face...

  10. red lips don't rock on me...but they do on you. :0


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