Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sally Hansen Chrome Color Quick, Xtreme Wear and Diamond Care Nail Color

Once again, Sally Hansen released a bunch of polishes for the spring season.
First there is Diamond Care nail color and matching lip gloss. (I am liking the paper display better than the actual product here.)
Color Quick- Click, color and go! I have had a clear clicky polish from Sally Hansen a year ago and the brush and the polish itself was pretty horrible. I wonder how would it turn out. (For the price, I think I would be better off buying China Glaze or OPI...)
New shades added to the Xtreme wear line. (I personally am not a fan of the formula...too gooey)


  1. omg, I think I have the whole range of those SH polishes and they SUCK!

    The display is gorgeous though :)

  2. i have one of those polish pens in turquoise...doesn't even pump :(


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