Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rimmel Kiss Off Lip Gloss - The Night After

Rimmel is a British drugstore brand with price range similar to that of Maybelline and Covergirl, the brand goes on 50% off or buy one get one free sale all the time at US drugstore. I picked up a lip gloss when the price was being slashed in CVS.
The Kiss Off gloss range seems feature bold colors that flash blue/purple. There is a load of blue (what looks like) holographic flecks that create a strong blue sheen in the glossy base. The particular color I have gotten is called The Day After, which is a medium pink with very generous amount of blue flecks.While The Night After seems to be a frosty pink from the tube, it's actually more of a see through pink (since it's lighter than my lip color, it just looks clear)and the blue flecks make very nice effect especially undersun (my camera can't capture the multi-dimensional effect under strong light so here is one that shows how many blue flecks it has.)
The texture of this Rimmel gloss is a bit tacky but it does settle quicky to reach a smooth finish and there seems to be a slight cooling effect (not as nice as the kind you get from Juicy Tubes smoothie though.)Like most drugstore lip glosses, the staying powder is poor but it's cheap so I don't mind. Anyway, I think the gloss should look fairly interesting layered with other pink or fuchsia lipstick.
While the gloss is just alright, it has a very nice scent (it smells a bit like medicine at first but it turns floral after a few seconds.)that reminds me of the purple water lily, it's quite soft and delicate, totally unexpected from a drugstore gloss.


  1. I love that blue shimmer it has. Lovely.

  2. I absolutely love these, I picked up all the colors during the CVS sale...there are so much better than Dazzleglass. Love that they are not sticky but they last really long time on the lips.

  3. It has nothing to do with your review but...have you ever tried those moondrops lipsticks from revlon? I'm thinking about buy this one

    love the color but wanna know if it's worth the job of import...

  4. Pixie:
    Yeah, the blue looks so much more in-your-face in real life.
    Lol, they fade pretty quickly on me though, the only lip glosses that last for a few hours would be juicy tube/diorkiss.
    I haven't tried any of the moondrop ones (the green tube scares me)but for what I know, the matte and creme ones are usually better than those with pearly finish.

    Overall, Revlon lipstick are nice for the price but nothing special if you like highend though.

  5. What a nice shade, the blue shimmer is lovely.

  6. Thanks...I like all of them... highend and cheap..I use the cheap during the day, for non special events and let my highends for party days, dinners, dates...=)


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