Tuesday, February 02, 2010

NYX and Rimmel powder blush display

NYX powder blush 5 dollars a piece at my local grocery store, that's cheaper than Cherry Culture! I am liking No.5 and No. 6 (Pinky and Peach) so far so I will wait for a sale. I wonder if it ever drops below 3 bucks, if it doesn't, I still have my Anna Sui and NARS...

As a replacement for the blush single (which went into clearance price slash) Rimmel introduces the new lasting finish blush, which consists of a gradation of shades/hues/colors (?)
It could be interesting for many as the brand does go into 50% off sale quite frequently.


  1. I have Nyx peach blush, it's cute! This rimmel one looks nice too

  2. Those blushes are cheap. I got some of those Rimmel blushes on sale (the old ones) for free with a coupon ahaha.

  3. I prefer the Rimmel singles as they last longer on me. Those trios don't work for me, too sheer and shimmery


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