Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Nail Polish Shades for Borghese, Rimmel and Wet n Wild

Here are some pictures of the recent drugstore nail polish releases.
Borghese Fashionista-a range of new shades featuring deep navy, white, pearl and deep wine.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - The bottle design looks exactly like the old version of Sally Hansen Salon polish.

Many shades were added to the Wet n Wild wild shine line (a dollar a piece), they are boring at a glance but there are a few colors that looks interesting to me, like the bright melon and creamy fuchsia) in the first picture.


  1. Did you write about Kiehl's lipgloss? Could you link it to me? I looked for it but didn't find

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  3. Cacau:
    I haven't purchased anything from Kiehl before and I don't plan to do that any time soon as I usually don't like organic/natural product, let alone expensive ones...
    I think I left one row of the rimmel but it was French manicure shades anyway...

  4. I hate boring, plain looking polishes, so I almost never get drugstore kinds. But I do have the Wet N Wild one that's on the bottom right. It's called Rain Check, and it's really gorgeous, especially if you matte it. So worth 99 cents :)

  5. really? why? (not asking about the expensive ones because it's obvious)

  6. Heather:
    I saw that on your blog, the color kind of reminds me of the much raved Sally Hansen opulent cloud...I personally never quite get the matte trend though, I like my nail polish shiny and glossy...
    Those organic brand tend to have boring (if not ugly) packaging, they don't smell as nice as the chemical and I for those natural product I have tried, they perform much worse than those "cheap chemical" ones I have when it comes to skincare.

    Anyway, I guess the main reason would be packaging,it like I never want to spend 30bucks on an Edward Bess lipstick because the tube looks worse than 3-dollar Revlon...

  7. Oooh those Wet N wild colors look very purdy..! I hope the Walgreens here has a good stock level. Cuz $1 polish? I'm so there.

  8. K.Lo:
    I would totally wait for a BOGO sale on those since they are not limited edition. (I never pay a dollar when I can get away with 50cents a piece...)


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