Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Milani Crystal Eyez Glitter Eyeshadow and Liquif' Eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil

These Milani Crystal Eyez sparkling eyeshadow gel made their first appearance back in November 2009 in my local CVS and YouTube guru Michelle Phan used it on her Holliday makeup look video (I think it was the purple one). Now it's added to the permanent line of Milani Display. Is it just me or this gel bound to make your eye makeup smudge like crazy?
The Liquif' Eye eyeliner pencils seems new to me though.


  1. Does the gel dry to a powder finish? If so it might be nice. If not then UGH!

  2. I think the gel will dry (eventually)but for what I have seen, it will smudge everything else before doing so...

  3. Those eye pencils look like L'Oreal HiP's Color Chrome, but at half the price! I will definitely have to give them a try. Thanks for letting us know about them!

  4. I am always intrigued with colored liners! If it smudges, oh no, I can't imagine how it would fair in a tropical and humid country like mine!

  5. Cacau:
    Indeed...but that's the general vibe Milani gives me anyway...
    Yeah, I was wonder what does the hip pencil is callled. But anyway, I think hip would give your better deal though, since they do go on BOGO sale very often and you can use coupon found on their official website (3 bucks off 2 loreal item) while Milani seldom go on sale in my CVS and Walgreens.
    I bet most American cosmetics products wouldn't consider the tropical factor. Like how nars compact would melt in Singapore...that's what I heard.

  6. mac's lipsticks melt a little in brazil...(not completely melted, just the first layer)


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