Tuesday, February 23, 2010

L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Exfolianting Scrub with Scrublet

L'Oreal Skin Expertise Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub with Scrublet (a mouthful, as always) is one of the fairly new product from the line for spring 2010. The whole hype about this cleanser isn't really the cleanser itself, instead, people are raving about the little scrubbing pad coming along.
I picked one up (just for fun) a while ago since it was pretty cheap in my grocery store. There are four different type of this L'Oreal go 360: a green gel cleanser, a pink, a blue and this one in orange, which is an exfoliating cleansing gel. Before I start, what in the world is "daily pore by pore cleansing"? As for the cleanser itself, the texture is extremely loose and runny, as you can see the bubbles and the transparency/viscosity just by looking. Every time I need a big globs (3 quarters) to feel like I have enough product to work with and as a result of that, I have been using this once a day during shower for a whole week and it's already half gone.

The cleanser itself feels alright (despite the runny part)when used alone, nothing too harsh or irritating. The scent is rather pleasant as well,as it reminds me some sort of melon. I said it's alright in a sense that you can get this kind of cleansing effect with just about everything.
Of course, the icing on the cake is indeed the scrublet itself. The half-palm sized scrub pad is made of rubber and has a little handle for you to secure with fingers. There are many soft and little tentacles on the surface, which is how it cleanse the pore.

I am not positive how it works as I am not the person who keep a microscope with me when I wash my face, but I am thinking that when you exert pressure of the pad as a whole, the little guys just push your skin and squeeze out the white/blackheads like an army of pimple needle or your dirty hands(whichever you normally use).
Overall, this L'Oreal scrublet is quite nifty and a great deal for 3 dollars (that's how much I paid), as you can use it with other cleanser/scrub of yours (I have to mention that it works better with normal foaming cleaners as the the scrubbing particles tend to sink inside the tentacles and become less exfoliating). Just make sure you didn't buy multiple backup before trying it out, since the scrubbing pad is all you need (the cleanser more like a borderline useless gift with purchase).

P.S. Yesterday (02/22/2010) was the bicentennial of my favorite composer Chopin and the second anniversary of my blog...I know you guys don't give a damn about classical music and I have no useless leftover-I-tried-once-but-didn't-like to giveaway (that what many people do, no?) nor the patience to sort of the "10 Best Post of the year" (I think my posts are of very high quality, in my own personal standard)...I just went ahead and gave myself a blogger break and had some fish & chips (the cowboy state style, ewwwwww).

P.P.S. I recently got a comment telling me to "write in proper English and stop complaining", thanks girl (I am guessing you just need to chill/grow up) for reminding me that I haven't done a PMS post for a long while, I am heading right to that!


  1. Nice scrublet...but I hate runny things. I use St Ives apricot scrub and it's so amazing that I'll not try another one for a long time. =)

    Oh..you got this kind of comment too? I receive them almost everyday and I don't give a shit cause it's just people looking for someone to bother...(a lot of free time and no creativity to use it or talent to create something nice like your blog)

    have a nice day!

  2. I WANT A SCRUBLET! It looks so cool.

    Grats on your blog anniversary :D

  3. Wow this sounds sorta amazing. I wish I could buy just the scrublet! It might be worth getting it though. I never thought of this line for skincare.

    I hate how people try to criticize people based on how they talk or spell, that has nothing to do with the person's intelligence or ability to express their opinions.

  4. Cacau:
    I used to be a big fan of St.Ives scrun since I was 12-ish (not sure if you are supposed to use scrub at that age) but now I just switch to other brand just for a change,there is another L'oreal scrub with pink packaging and it works pretty well for the price.
    I think some Japanese brand just sell the pad alone, but I guess it's cheaper if you get some of you US buddy to by the cleanser for you and only ship you the scrub pad...that would chop down the shipping fee by quite a bit.
    I think it's worth getting just for the scrub pad alone, you can wait for a sale in CVS then combine the CVS deal with Loreal coupon (from Loreal paris usa dot com), it shouldn't be more expensive than 4 bucks.

    For those comment, I am alright since the person didn't even have the gut to leave her name. I don't mind people writing things like that (I just never listen to people's lecturing unless they have a Ph.D) but I feel sorry for them to waste their life over here...

    Can't they at least pick a more popular place where people are actually reading...

  5. Congrats on you blog annivesary!

    Thanks for the review. I haven't seen this here yet but when I do I'm gonna get one just for the scrublet. It sounds so cool.

  6. Yay for Chopin! ^ ^

  7. Proper English? I didn't realize there was anything wrong with your English...

  8. cjx3pooh:
    I am the king of typos, misspelling and bad grammar. I personally find it painful to proofread my own writing. lol.


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