Friday, February 05, 2010

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick

New display at drugstore- A lipcolor that resurface, reshape, renew...
L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick with anti-aging serum (it seems that brands like to add "anti aging" on just about anything people use.) the lipstick tube design itself would be enough to stop me from buying any of these.
For half a second I thought this is a photoshop overkilled version of Mila Jovovich, it turns out to be Linda Evangelista (I am not sure who she is, I just know her name).


  1. oh yeah, the photoshop again...Don't you like the tubes? I liked...I love lipsticks with cream/anti-aging/plumper in the middle..

  2. Cacau:
    I like lipstick with very sleek metal tube or glossy/very tough plastic tubes like the ones from Addiction by Ayako/Chanel/Lunasol/Coffret d'Or while I am generally not a fan of metallic tubes made of plastic...

    I am guessing these lipsticks are not bad in quality, but I personally like colors that are slighter brighter and/or bolder.

  3. Linda Evangelista was one of the big supermodels in the 80's so I assume that picture is super photoshopped. She's got to be in her 40s now.

    She is gorgeous!

  4. OMG....Linda Evangelista is one of the biggest supermodels "EVER"....WOW....

  5. I have worn Loreal Color Riche Pink Tranquilo #150 for many, many years. Now it has disappeared off the shelves in the store. Please bring it back. I tried number 444 and it is graining and isn't the right shade. No other color seems to match what I like. Why is it that eveytime I have gone to buy it in the past few years, the stores have been out of it and I have to go back? This means it has been a popular shade and now it is gone? Help! Please bring Pink Tranquilo #150 back. Valary Sahrle

  6. I brought the Color riche Pink Tranquilo number 150 today.
    Its has a very nice texture, smooths out my lips and the color itself is quite kool and natural looking.I just loved it :)


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