Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lipstick Lemmings

Sometime I admire myself for my ability to look into the future (and disregard the presence): While my room is flooded with lipsticks and glosses, I am still on the look out for perspective member to my (huge) lip product family...
First, there is finally a fun collection from Lancome: 10 year anniversary juicy tube (seems like a Europe-only collection though...) My only concern would be the seemly smaller tubes and...these glosses are natural? (You see? The cosmetics chemist/whatever you call them are employed for a reason...) If you have signed up for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics mailing list, you would know that they are coming up with 4 new lip tars for the upcoming LA makeup show. I have been wanting these (not these, but the existing ones) but I still haven't found a way to get them at a remotely reasonable price as each piece costs 12.5 dollars and the shipping is like 6.5 dollars... (I might as well just get a Kanebo Coffret d'Or one that costs 21 bucks...and the packaging is so much prettier.)
Chanel Pop art collection- I know I was going ohh-and-ahh over the coral one called Genial but my inner pole dancer told me to go for the trashy-fuchsia instead (It doesn't even look trashy from the picture though...)

I think I will wait a few years since I still feel a bit too young for it (not that it gives me a grandma vibe like Estee Lauder or Lancome, it's just Chanel was one of my mom's favorite lipstick brand...when she was in her 30s.) at the moment I could just have fun with my ghetto Milani instead...

P.S. Can't wait to check out (and see how ugly does it get) the Liberty of London lipstick...I mean, I would totally get it just for the heck of the packaging...

Do you have any lip lemming? (I think I seriously need to stop buying lip gloss since most of the look the same on lips anyway...But I haven't gotten many lipstick so I can work on that a bit, hehe...)


  1. I saw a picture of MAC's Hang-Up the other day, and I've been lemming it ever since.

  2. I've promised myself I'm going to use up some of what I have before buying any new lip stuff.

  3. (Uh... except for Water Shiny. But after that I'll try and use up what I have, I swear.) :D

  4. I am not purchasing any lip products too, I should stop purchasing makeup overall! :)

  5. I like that juicy tube packaging! I've been considering the lip tars as well, and I'm amused by the MAC packaging with the evil bird!

  6. LOL "my inner pole dancer told me to go for the trashy-fuchsia instead"

    Love your blog!!

  7. Jean:
    Hang up looks pretty cool from those pictures reminds me of those flappers from the 1920s.
    Haha, I have been telling myself to stop buying lip product for more than a year and the plan didn't go very far...Now I just give up...
    Let's see how well you plan will go,I guess most people have better self-control than I do...
    I have been considering for quite a while (for those lip tar) as well but my conclusion was "20 bucks is too much for a lip gloss, especially the packaging isn't that pretty."

    And I just went back to temptalia to look at the bird, it doesn't look that evil to me, just choked...
    Yeah, for some reason I am gravitated toward trashy pink that I can never wear to school/work...

  8. Ahh, thank you for sending me that link! I'm so, so tempted, but I promised myself I'd stop buying things for a while, especially since I killed my cell phone yesterday and now have to figure out how to pay for what the insurance isn't covering for a new phone. I might have to break my no-buy..again..though. I just love how that lipstick looks.

  9. Jean:
    If I were you, I would have caved in already (but dark lips make me look like Ursula from little mermaid...)sometime I wish I kill my phone, I only had 2 phone in my life, one was a freebie (that I used for 5 years before losing it)another one was a 2nd hand from stepmom...At least it has a mp3 player...

  10. Ha, I definitely caved today and bought Hang-Up at my local MAC counter. I mean, it was only a three or four dollar savings on the ACW website. I really prefer to buy cosmetics in person, anyway. And my phone decided to start working perfectly again yesterday, so I now don't have to spend the money on a new one!


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