Thursday, February 04, 2010

First Floral Purchase of Spring

More like first fail purchase of 2010 (Maybe it's the second, since I do hate that Revlon fuchsia lipstick with a passion).
This pair of floral earrings was pretty much a love-at-first-sight for me, I love the bold color, vintage brass body, ornate design and the heavy feel it has (I am a fan of overkill when it comes to accessories) and since I haven't gotten any bold earrings for a long while, I decided to take the plunge and got this in TJ-maxx clearance session (the sale price still was an arm and a leg though, as I was saying: "Bye bye, Joie de Vivre, bye bye Chris & Tell" after paying for this...).

There is a grand total of 10 flowers in the two pairs, way to go spring! Although it was a bit expensive, I reckon consider how much those blog seller charge for their "artistic designs" this pair isn't all that bad.
Enough with the justification for my purchase, here comes the failure part: The bright color doesn't look good with my black hair (and I am always too lazy to tie it up)nor match my normal outfits. The look isn't the problem here, the pair of earrings actually made my ear swell and peel (I know it's the earring as I only tried one of them on...) I had this kind of reaction twice before and I had to poke the piercing back myself (yes, it was bloody but I didn't want to spend 20 bucks and get it re-done) when it happened. Apparently I forgot all about it...

Cosmetics are so much safer, as I have never had any allergic reaction to any powder blush or cheek stain before so I will just go back to those...Here are some of my to-check-out blushers:
Have you guys seen this Tarte cheek stain called Flower Child? The packaging is so cute (and the blush is huge and can sweat like crazy if I every bring it out during summer) but the blush is full of golden shimmers, I am not sure if I will like it.

Coral Flirt from Lancome Spring O my Rose collection- There are actually some really nice products in the brand but for some reason I feel like I could wait a few years before getting into it. You know, there is something about the brand that's very grown-up...(Oh, it's the price.)
Stila Convertible Color in Petunia is another item on my to-try list, from Karla Sugar's swatch , it actually looks a lot like the Lancome Chris & Tell lipstick (if you were to wear Stila convertible color on lips, you pretty much have to use some more fluid thing as a base as the Stila CC is too drying itself) but I have one issue right now- I don't want to spend 25 dollars on a brand that look kind

Now it went back to Anna Sui (yes again...) face color accent - It's the 2nd most well rated Anna Sui product in (the best rated was the black butterfly fold-up mirror) and the compact is pretty cute and last year, they added 3 new colors (a highlighter, a bright pink and a chocolate brown for contour) last year so there are even more choices...

Who needs MAC when you can have Anna Sui ...(But those Blush Ombres from the Color Forecast Collections are all so cute...especially the blue-pink one) I am saying that because I spent all my money on Anna Sui blushes so there is none left for MAC...


  1. Sorry about the ear rings. They look beautiful. Do you think you could be allergic to nickel?

  2. I am not sure about the nickel (I have worn nickel-free earrings before and it gave me swollen ears a few years back...) I think I will be ditching earrings alltogether.


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