Sunday, January 03, 2010

What's on your spring 2010 shopping list?

New year = new lemming, here are some collection that I would check out myself. (For drugstore ones I would just buy them whenever they are cheap enough to spark my interest so I don't plan ahead for those purchases.)
China Glaze Up and Away Collection (All lacquered up has my favorite swatch, part II, Part III): For the longest time, I am tempted by a pink polish, of course, the teal and purple ones are quite stunning as well. I can never pull of bright colors on eyemakeup but at least China Glaze let me know that I can wear them on my tips!
MAC Lillyland Collection- Lip Gelee in Shift to Pink (the violet ones at the right). At first I was interested in the fuchsia one but thanks to Revlon, I am scared of the color now. Purple might make me look like zombie but I recently found out that some lilac lip gloss is quite flattering nude lip color for me. The determining factor would be the shimmer size, I need to check it out for myself (if it doesn't work out I would just pick another tinted lip conditioner) .Lancome L'Absolu Rouge in Chris and Tell. I love the color and I know I would love the formula (as it supposed to be an advanced version of Le Rouge Absolu) according to New York Time Blog, there is a special tube design by model Elettra Wiedemann (Who is she?). I would need to see how special the color and what does the tube looks like. The L'Absolu Rouge are 29 dollars a piece (I am happy enough with the Le Rouge Absolu formula and the $24 price tag) so if the color isn't all that unique, I would rather go for YSL in one of their new spring colors.Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer (Lina had reviewed a few of these, those nail color bottles are so pretty!) -Squeegy tube is my favorite lip gloss packaging since it's very hygienic and usually contain a lot of products. My favorite part is that these glosses don't have any shimmer, many brands doesn't seem to know that sometime lip color are prettier when the the finish is more understated.

Anna Sui Rock Band Coffin Rouge- They are so in-your-face kind of ugly that they are cool! I want the purple one in Rouge G formula but the black tube is...too ugly. (See the whole 30 new lipstick color and the tube design in this blog post).

It seems that I am back to the lip-product-in-general kick so you will not see many eye or cheek makeup in my blog for the year 2010. I am currently into deep purple (when it comes to nail color) and blue-pink (that are in the violet category) in lipstick. What are on your list?


  1. I'd love to try that Lancome lipstick! I almost never buy high end lipsticks at retail price though and it is so expensive. $.$ China glaze is cheap yay! I really like the mint green and the light pink.

  2. Elettra Wiedemann is an italian model she´s Isabella Rosellini´s daughter

  3. Smiley:
    I have see people call MAC Vegas Volt, amplified cream coral, as a dupe to Michelle (at All alllacquered up)'s swatch. I probably need to swatch that to see, if they are indeed the same, there would be no point getting any of the color...

    Thanks for the info, I guess I should google beforehand. lol. I think I have heard of her mom's name though.

  4. Haha funny you should mention this. For New Year's, one of the things I was writing (along with the year in review things), was what MU I would buy so I could budget for it.

    And hey, have you tried Eggplant Frost from Wet N Wild? It's sort of a deep purple, with frost, and super cheap!

  5. Yoetke:
    I have seen the color but for some reason I don't like the sticker label (I have a tendency to peel it off right away.).


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