Friday, January 29, 2010

Stila Makeup Player- Online Reviews by users

Just some links to the Stila Makeup Player reviews. Three of them are videos so check them out if and only if you have time.
( I wonder are we ever going to see Stila girls again...)
Sponsored Reviews
1) Pinkie Charm's "honest" review on her own channel, sounds familiar? It's because she guest reviewed the same product for Stila's Channel as well, the two videos might look and sound identical but they are not...She is slightly more cheerful on her own channel while in Stila's video page, she had start with "Stila has graciously asked me to..."

2) A self-proclaimed journalist talks about empowerment - The whole review looks more like a badly written (this starts at second paragraph) press release than a review, as the only piece of info she provided herself is the sentence: "The Grapefruit lip glaze reminds me of YSL Touché Éclat" in which, the word "Touche" was incorrectly accented. (If she really is a TV journalist working in the media business for years as she claimed... I might as well be Katie Couric.)
From the two sponsored reviews, it seems to me that the reviewers were provided a script (aka "information") because both of them mentioned the exact wording like "gorgeous bronze", "products to create different looks", "FREE makeup lesson", "download from YouTube" and "primer-concealer-powder 3 in 1" (or add foundation and make it 4 in 1) etc. To me, the second girl seems like she has not even bother to use the makeup set ...

1.) Fashionismycrush's youtube video (She got a wrong shade and no reply so far. Beside that, there are some other minor complains regarding the box as well.)

2.) Two 4 Beauty's haul and impression of the players as somehow she got & got charged for 2 (The mirror of the box popped right out as she was doing the review,what a great quality control...really. )

Overall, the two out-of-own-pocket-purchases are neutral to slightly negative and the sponsored ones just seem...fake.

Last but not least, here is a video from Stila called "candid conversation among women" , I wonder why are the food untouched, several cameras are around and Miss Blond Bombshell is always right at the center of screen, showing off her class, charisma and chompers...


  1. They do this kind of thing here in Brazil too (not mentioning Stila, just saying in general). The companies pay for all of this and they pretend to be aproved by "online woman". False social midia. It's a shame, cause Stila don't need that...

  2. Oh, and let the "touché" for the 3 Musketeers

  3. Caucau:
    I understand that people like freebies but sometime I wonder if a person's credibility only worth 20 bucks. I have been one of the many bloggers who received a certain item that I found way overpriced and while it's didn't do anything to me (beside the redness it has caused) everybody else is like "I LOVE LOVE THIS LOTION!"

    Haven said that, I will probably sell my dignity for a Guerlain meteorite compact though .lol.

    Oh, another funny thing that makes me laugh is when people intionally spell the Italian loanword latte (in America people call it Lah-tey) as latté as if it's French...

    I felt like saying "Girl, before showing off the 16th language you know, do you mind confirming in Google first?"

  4. lol yeah, I receive a lot of itens to my blog but who sent always set me free to write what I really think, if I like it or not...Cause people do KNOW when we are lying

    I'm so curious to know what lotion that caused you redness...please tell me noww lol

  5. Is this one... (Don't tell the PR lady about it)

  6. Awesome investigative journalist piece! Expose them for what they really are!
    I usually don't trust sponsored reviews... Like if I were sent something for free, unless it gave me allergies or something, I'd probably feel bad bashing it...
    Hmm...Stila's image is a bit tinted now with that stupid mp3 makeup box...

  7. Daituf:
    It's not the box, it's the blonde...

  8. I saw now the lotion review, it doesnt exist here in brazil and I think I'm missing nothing (after read your words specially, besides the ugly packaging). I use Victoria's Secret body lotion and it works very good and smells yummy. It's cheap and cool so I'm not gonna look for another lotion for a lifetime

  9. See this one, the model looks sooo uncomfortable lol her mouth is shaking


  11. Cacau:
    It seems that a lot of Stila people have to deal with the administrative team (most people probably just watch the video without buying that speaker box) so I wouldn't say it's their fault...

    Anyway, I learn new stuff though (I never thought of using stila eyeliner brush for mascara so thanks for that as I am sick of Stila video now)gotta try that sometime!


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