Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spotted: NYC Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss

They have been out for a little while but I guess you guys might like some clear pictures?
NYC Extreme lip slider lip gloss- The shade selection doesn't look very appealing to me.(Don't expect a review from me.)


  1. i like the packaging on these! have yet to try, but they are visually appealing :)

  2. The packaging looks nice but I find the shades boring.

  3. The NYC Extreme Lip Glider is AMAZING!!! My friend let me use hers and its one of my favorite lip glosses. It doesn't stick to your lip, like some of the lip glosses I have tried, and is very smooth in applications. Plus it smells really good(: what's better than that? If you find a shade that you like I would recommend buying it for no more than $4. These last a life time!

  4. Don't let this photo of the NYC Lip Gliders fool you. These glosses are great! They're not tacky, they glide on smoothly and are very easy on the wallet. Although they are extremely sheer, some DO have a bit more color than others. They smell yummy, also.


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