Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sally Hansen Color Comfort Lipstick in Perfect Pink

Perfect Pink is my third pick from Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Color Comfort Lip Color range. As expected, the lipstick is pigmented, creamy (probably still not as nice as those luxury lipsticks out there but the "glide" is a quite efforless and comfortable) and the shade is quite wearble.

I am guessing I could pick on thier definition of "perfect pink" ( as this particular shade has a bit of a blue undertone that can turn garish on a bad-skin-day) but again, I can always use a bit of a nude gloss to warm it up and make it more user-friendly.
Sally Hansen Perfect Pink Lipstick
Sally Hansen Lipstick Swatch oh skin - See how smooth it is?
Sally Hansen Perfect Pink Lipstick by itself
Sally Hansen Perfect Pink with Revlon Super Lustrous in Pink Pop


  1. That looks prettttyyy on you. I tried these lipsticks before and I hated them with a passion though. Maybe the ones I got were expired but I felt like I was drawing on my lips with a stick of wax. Much prefer the Revlon Colorbursts atm (:

  2. Ami:
    That's quite strange (I did notice the lipstick was harder the first time I use it but it went better after the stick is warmed up a bit) ...Colorburst was alright on me (I didn't like the very first color I got from them so I didn't have a good impression on those) but my favorite drugstore lipstick formula is Rimmel moisture renew...The shade are a bit boring but the texture(for those shimmer free shades) are rather smooth and creamy.

  3. oh my, the sally hansen lipstick looks so smooth and silky on ur lips. gorgeous soft pinK!

  4. thanks for the comment. this lipstick + gloss is beautiful on you! you have really nice lips :O

  5. omigod you have beautiful lips!!

    and love the colour on you :D

  6. Mary:
    Thanks!Sally Hansen lipstick is a bit plain Jane by itself but things always looks better with a gloss!


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