Friday, January 15, 2010

Rimmel Spring 2010 - Royal Gloss and Glam Eyes Eyeshadow Single

If you are in US, you would probably notice that Rimmel products are being on clearance at 75% off at Walgreens and CVS, since they have already released some lipstick and nail polish during winter, it seems that they are simply introducing new stock (instead of being wiped away). I saw a few new products yesterday and it seems that they will be adding more in the display. New Royal Gloss with Vitamins- The package seems a tad bigger and it reminds me of those Honey Gloss from Shiseido Majolica Majorca. I hope the new version is scent and flavor free (nothing gonna happen, as it says delicious lip gloss...yikes) since the older version was so sickeningly sweet that I had to toss the one I had. There are 10 shades from the Royal Gloss range and they shades are at least not tacky, anyway, nothing very special either.
Rimmel also introduced the new Glam Eyes Eyeshadow Single each with a pretty print on the pan.


  1. Huh, those eyeshadow singles are kind of pretty-looking! Rimmel shadows are usually the suck though...maybe they're stepping up the game, I quite liked their new mascara (Volume Flash The Max).

  2. I have the Glam'eyes eyeshadow and it flakes off onto my cheeks when I apply it. This is the first time I've had a problem with Rimmel's eyeshadows. :(

  3. Hi There:
    Maybe you can try a brush to apply it? (I heard from a blog that these crumble with sponge tip applicator) but if you are indeed using a brush and it still sucks...


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