Friday, January 29, 2010

Lip Combo: Love So Sui

Another lipsticks on top of a gloss lip combo, this time I am featuring all Anna Sui products.
First, I use the Swirly Anna Sui lip gloss M 03, a traslucent fuchsia/cool pink with micro glitters, as a smooth base that hold the fine shimmer two lipsticks. Then I added a few layers (Japanese brand are usually sheer) of Rouge S in 371, which is a cool pink infused with gold. The pink joins as a base color while gold sheen simply added on to the metallic undertone.

To give more dimension, I added a layer of Rouge S in 570, a golden, plummy, brownish peach color. The warm color show un as gold in the cool pink background. The end result is a plump and smooth cool pinks lips with golden sheen allover. I always wonder how people wear the Rouge S since they are a bit drying. It turns out that these shimmery lipsticks from Anna Sui are supposed to be used on top of a base. Anyway, I love how fine the shimmers are in Japanese brand that the effect is never frosty even when the shimmer is allover the place!


  1. This is definitely my favorite lip combo you've done! Sucks that these Anna Sui products are so hard to get a hold of! ):

  2. Smiley:
    Yeah, it was available (somewhat) widely in US a few years back but American didn't like the "gothic" packaging or the typical Japanese cosmetics texture/pigmentation level it has.


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