Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ICONIQ for Shiseido Maquillage Press Conference and CM Sneak Peek

As I mentioned in my earlier post that starting tomorrow, the Shiseiso Maquillage site will be updated with the new spring collection and the mega-line star lineup of Maquillage spokemodels will be replaced by newcomer (in Japan at least) Iconiq.

Here is a Tudou video of the press conference for the collection as well as a sneak peek of the ad (or you can wait till tomorrow and see the high def version on the official site).

Although I am not familiar with the singer (She was pretty active in Korea under the name Ayumi Lee) as I don't listen to pop. I do like how the commercial is done and the idea of "a fresh new start".
On the same day (Jan 21st) the soon-to-be-ex spoke model Ueno Juri's big movie Nodame Cantabile- The Final Movement will also be out in the Japanese theatres. Nodame Cantabile was a hit drama/comedy centering 2 conservatoire students Noda Megumi and Chiaki Shinji for those of you who don't watch Japanese shows.

From the offical site, it seems that they hired Chinese pianist Lang Lang, who was named one of the hottest men (lol) on earth by People Magazine, as the hands of pianist Chiaki Shinji. See how I like to do these classical music plugs even they are only remotely related to "beauty blog"?


  1. Wow, cool! I have been to Langlang's concert when I was young. He was really good! Also, he bought a house in Qingdao, which is where I live. I have visited the house he bought also! Nice!

  2. Crystal:
    That's sounds pretty cool (and you still seem young to me lol) I am proud of LL as a Chinese but I personally don't like that he is too commercialized, but I bet his concerts are really entertaining,my friend went to one of them in Houston and he said he couldn't stop laughing.


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