Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glitter on top of everything

First of all, Happy 254th Birthday to our dear child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

Being my uncreative self, glitter on top of everything is pretty much how I have been wearing on my nails lately.
Revlon Not So Blueberry (one of my favorite shades of nail color last year) with Sally Hansen grape going (I finally know why they call it Scrangie dupe...since there was a rescue beauty lounge polish that was named after her) and then glitters...
It actually doesn't feel bumpy at all since the clear polish somehow melt the base a bit and overall it's quite smooth. (Still a pain to remove though.)
Here is Wet n Wild Femme Fatale with the same glitter top coat (my only glitter top coat). The finish is jelly-like, love it!


  1. its kinda weird, but same, ive been adding glitter to my nails, whenever they chip , because im lazy and to give it that extra sparkle

  2. Haha,I think I am lazier (more lame) than you since I only have one glittery top coat that I have been adding on 5-6 different nail color...And yes, I will post them anyway.


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