Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Fob Transformation

If there is a checklist name "You know you are a fob" one of the lines will be "You put stickers on anything within close vicinity." Since I ran out stickers after decorating my Paul & Joe mirror (one of the biggest regrets of 2009) , I decided to order more, from Mom Order. Unlike most older-than-tween, I do trust my mom for clothes, shoes and bags(most of the time) but I didn't think that she will take me seriously when I told her I want : "super cute stickers, the ones from Korea, you know?" Anyway, she did get me some super cute Korean cushioned hedgehog stickers (and completely ignored the "cute Japanese lip gloss" part) and I love them so much!
I decided to stick some on my purple Anna Sui mirror (I wouldn't do it to my black ones but it looks alright on purple) as well as the white one. They are actually pretty functional since the cushioned sticker prevent the mirror from getting scratched if they are put on a sharp surface.

Anyway, I think those Korean stickers and stationary are so much cuter than the Japanese ones, I hope those cosmetics company would come up with some butt-kicking new design instead of just knocking off existing ones from Japan, I mean, the products itself are not bad (I think).


  1. I love cute crap like that, and I'm 30 lol. People at work think I'm insane.

    I need to do a post with my phone charms.

  2. Pixie:
    I have sticker allover my calculator and my classmates all think I am insane (because I have my favorite pianist's spelled out with alphabet stickers and his name it allover my stuff.) And I would like to see your phone charm.

    P.S. My mom is in her mid fourties and she wears legging...Just feel like sharing.


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