Monday, January 04, 2010

Fan Bing Bing Loves Anna Sui

It seems that I am not the only person who love Anna Sui mirror!
Fan Bing Bing posted with the Anna Sui hand mirror in one of her photo shoots taken 3-4 years ago. It's kind of funny that this picture become popular choices for auction sites like eBay and Taobao (when the seller is selling fakes one) and sometime the seller even claim that that's an Anna Sui ad. I think it's one of the reason Anna Sui mirrors (real or fake) are so popular in China since Fan Bing Bing is kind of like the Megan Fox in China (beside I think Fan can act, sort of...)

The hand mirror is actually kind of small so most of the time I can see my face, leaving the humongous forehead behind(as you can see, it's a good thing.) and I used to bring it with me everywhere until I have the compact mirror.
Another picture taken by some stagehand during of one of her photo shoot (to show how bloated, "ugly" when her makeup is undone and the photo shop isn't there to help)

It seems that she like Anna Sui-style mirror as well. This is a "leaked" official picture from her latest drama The Last Night of Madam Chin (excellent costume, cheesy cheesy cheesy plot that I couldn't stand after one episode).
I couldn't find the exact screen capture, but she does hold that Anna Sui (real one) hand mirror in the movie Sophie's Revenge in which she plays a plotting actresses like herself. lol. Anyway, I love her she dresses up as Marie Antoinette, very few actresses (especially Chinese) can pull of that look.

Enough with Fan Bing Bing, here is the promo poster for a Korean drama called Firework...and the female lead Han Chae-Young is holding a
Copy Cat Anna Sui mirror (it obviously took the design idea from Anna Sui yet they tweaked some part to be "original".) While I don't care people making or buying whatever-inspired stuff as it's none of my business but I am a bit amused that a supposedly A-lister is holding one like that. Maybe Anna Sui is really unpopular in Korea...

I guess it's better than holding a fake designer handbag...


  1. Megan Fox of China?
    ... I think Fan is much prettier and photogenic

  2. I think so too but somehow I get the idea that Fan is the no.1 sex symbol in China (maybe that would be an insult since she does act decently and she is doing pretty well with her own studio).


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