Monday, January 11, 2010

Drugstore Clearance Haul

The title should be drugstore and drugstore clearance haul. Anyway, since CVS needs to make space for new stock, many items went 75% off so I took advantage of the sale and got a few (yeah right)lip gloss and lip color.
Beside CVS, my local grocery store is also getting rid of some Christmas candies (I am so bummed that I didn't stock enough. There was that awesome mint chocolate coated fortune cookies...) as well as some gift set like the four mini Borghese nail polishes. (Which all kind of suck.)

I am trying to do the Rinka curl with those curler and clips (not on sale along with all the other lipsticks) but it turns out looking like Shirley Temple...Anyway, have you guy picked up anything from the CVS clearance sale? (I have nothing to suggest since the clearance items are nothing amazing, the candy part is so much better though.)


  1. haha, candy and makeup! that's the best combination for a girl :) I like the nail polish color :D

  2. Oh man, I want cheap drugstore stuff too! *buys ticket to the US*

  3. I went to CVS and got like a truckload of christmas candy since it was 75% off...
    Then 2 days later, it was 90% off -___-
    The makeup sale is pretty crazy...but i dont need anymore makeup u know? had to resist so hard not to get anything!
    Now I'm regreting that decision...

  4. Hii! I wish I could get that juice gloss from L'oreal...but here in brazil l'oreal don't sell these. Sad =/ by the way, love your blog.

  5. Catalina:
    Yeah, one of the Borghese nail polish mini looks just like black pearl, it a shimmering charcoal that flashes green and purple...too bad the pigmentation of those suck though. The Revlon one is called midnight affair and I hope that would turn out alright.
    You need to get here asap or all those products would be picked over,lol.
    I think you did the right thing, I only picked up about 8-9packs of mostly chocolate and I am in regret already...From this haul, all of the products I like are actually *not* from the clearance sale, like the elf lip gloss, and the lipsticks (OK, Revlon lipstick was a bit nasty but I couldn't find the bar code to return it.)
    Actually, those color juice are something "nice to have" if they are dirt cheap. The pigmentation is rather poor and the texture is no where as jelly like as Lancome juicy tubes (If this makes you feel any better.) I think the best products from L'Oreal would be the jelly balm, then again I would only buy it when it's on sale...

  6. gosh! I wish we have those year end sales or early start of the year sales! I've always read about the sales there but never down here! Damn, I need to invent a travel machine! :)

  7. Nikki:
    It's easier just to get some airline

  8. Now i´m feeling better..hehe! Here we dont have jelly balm too ...But we have a lot of juicy tubes to buy everywhere, but soooooooooooo expensive! I paid 89 reais ( = 50 dolares) in my last juicy tubes. Can you believe it? So i prefer to buy glosses from bourjois, cheapier than the others and still fine. Do you like bourjois?
    By the way, sorry if I write something wrong, so difficult to communicate in another language...

  9. Cacau:
    I understand you perfectly so you English is more than fine (I am in Texas myself and I don't know a complete sentence in Spanish...)

    I like Bourjois as the brand is cute and dainty but it seems a bit expensive to get it in US (they are similar in price as MAC and Clinique)and I have a tendency to step on the blush compact and break them (3 death so far) so I am avoiding buying more Bourjois.

    And Juicy Tubes are 50 bucks in Spain O_0

  10. I've just got a blush in peche vitaminee (bourjois) and paid 25 reais (= 14 dolars) and a mac one called peachtwist and paid 89 reais (= 50 dolars) so you see the difference... Im in a peach vibe LOL Oh I got a estee lauder ultra brilliance for 18 reais (10 dolars) and i think it was quite cheap too...Seems like prices here and where you live are so different. Kisses!


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