Friday, January 22, 2010

CoverGirl Lip Gloss

They have been out in the drugstore for a long while now (I forgot to post these after I cropped and resized the pictures I took). Don't they seem a bit tame after the glitzy glossy Milani? The new tubes of cover girl glosses look quite small and the price is 1-2 dollars more expensive than the WetSlick line. If I remember it correctly.
Nothing too exciting for me (again), what about you? The Chapstick brand also released a new lip balm (looks a lot like ones from Neutrogena, which got discontinued.) I think I only have one spy cam post left and after that, my pictures will get back to their standard quality.


  1. I like the new lip balms, they look pretty, if I saw them I would buy for sure, specially the double color one...but the lipglosses are ugly...I don´t like the colors neither the packaging..

  2. Cacau:
    Lol, the double lip balm... it's actually glare caused by lighting (sorry to blow your bubbles.)

    I remember one time I was looking at a girl's "What's in my makeup bag" post and I got so exciting seeing a YSL lipstick with hello kitty print, it turns out to be a reflection of her MAC x Hello Kitty makeup pouch...)

  3. Those glosses look boring. I hear they're sheer and terrible, too.

    But those lip balms look interesting! Especially the green one (if they're tinted).

  4. hahahaha, ok ok, not loving them anymore...Now I think they look like concealers..Must be terrible to put fingers on it everytime and I´m so lazy to use lipbrushes all the time..

  5. Shao:
    Thanks for the head up, if it weren't for your comment, I would totally get one when it's on sale.I have accumulated quite a few lip gloss that look different on my hand but identical on my lips so now I need to be extra choosy when picking drugstore glosses since I have so many sheer ones from them already.

    I don't like the tubs either (unless the packaging is really pretty.) since my hand is always picking up food...


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