Monday, January 11, 2010

Clown, Princess and Rose Garden

A new series out product information is out in Iswii and...look at the pear shaped cut (again!) on Minami, modeling for Shiseido Majolica Majorca's Dolly Girl collection!
A cursed doll, more like...Anyway,this collection features new mascara (Majolica Majorca mascaras are extremly well rated among Asian beauties by the way), mascara base, face primer,two new eyeshadow quads and
A Gothic powder case, from the picture the case seems to be quite tough and well made. I kind of like the old ones though which was a glossy black with a gold emblem. For some reason I think that when Anna Sui does black, it's more classy and victorian and when Majolica Majorca (and Kat Von D) does black, it looks more creepy...Anyway, let's head for something colorful.
Sonia Rykiel came up with purple and fuchsia lip gloss! This brand is pretty hard to get in US so if you want it be prepare to pay 40-50bucks for custum purchase.
And there is a really fresh-looking, glittery green polish. *Not interested in the neutral*

Speaking of purple-y lips, I love the model's lip color in the promo poster for Jill Stuart! Is it just me or the model (Vlada Roslyakova is so much prettier!) looks possessed,as her pupil are so dilated even with this strong lighting. Beside the purple, fuchsia and coral trend. Floral seems to be a reaccuring theme as well...

Paul & Joe Wild Flower collection-Of course, Yuki has some great swatches in her blog. (I like her swatch the best as she does the close-up and eye of the day (when possible) so I can see how the products sink into skin. ( Temptalia does close up as well but her skintone is way different from mine.)

H & M the Garden Collection- Love at first sight (I love floral pattern!), bored at the second since the fabric looks pretty flimsy even in the catalougue which means it would be worse in real life.

Givenchy Jardin d'Interdit fragrace. This got to be the cheapest looking bottle on expensive perfume, where did they get the idea from Aeropostale? (And the name "Jardin Interdit" is so taken my Guerlain already, in their last year's makeup collection.)

Speaking of garden, I totally forgot that there are more products in the Lancome O my rose collection than the blush and lip gloss.
There are also two teal items: Inkliner and Vernis in Pop Petrol, a jewel teal in Satin finish. It was a bit unexpected when they match the liner with that golden coral blush on the promo poster as I personally would just match deep greenish teal with blue pink for some contrast.

The nail color is quite pretty (gotta love the rose while the gel liner does look like that one from L'Oreal HIP. At this moment, I only have my eyes on the Chris and Tell lipstick. (And guess what, I think I might have found a cheap dupe for that, well at least color wise.)

Anything that interests you from those collections?


  1. I quite like the Paul & Joe stuff. Very pretty. The powder case is nice as well, but I'd never use it.

  2. She does look creepy...
    Doesn't dilated pupil mean arousal(Accordig to the show Lie to Me XD)? Maybe the ad is trying to send some sort of subliminal message?
    I don't really want anything new... nothing seem particularly appealing, and i'm trying really hard to resist buying makeup in general... I look at my current stash and think "boy...i need help..."

  3. Pixie:
    I want a Paul & Joe powder/blush compact just for the case as well...

    When I look at my stash, it has no impact on how much new stuff I want. (I guess that's how I clutter up my room.)

  4. Same here... I'll look at my stash, and feel guilty for about 2 seconds, and vow never to buy again... the next day, i'm probably hauling at some sale for more things i don't need...
    My problem is, it's just so wasteful you know? Most of my makeup just lays around doing nothing! And they probably won't get used ever again coz i just have so much! :S
    And I can't give them away to friends, coz i don't know who would want my used things...
    What do you do with your stash? Like, do you give them away to people? or do they just sit there, decomposing like mine?

  5. For eyeshadow/blush I used ones, I beg (literally) my friends to take them. For more desirable items like Anna Sui powder case, I ask if they want anything and let them pick one or two. For lip gloss, I keep them or toss them whenever they start to smell funny...

    Maybe I should ask other US based blog readers if they want some of the leftover so I can send it to them...I mean, I have seen bloggers use used cosmetics to pool suscribers / followers (it's funny that they added some flowery description on those product, if they really like it, would they give it away after having use/touch the damn thing?

    I am just looking for human recycle bins.

  6. Hello, I would love to know what your dupe for Chris and Tell is. Thank you!

  7. Jeanne: It's a lip combo, actually two of them (which means you can customize the pink/peachyness) with a warm peachy balm and a pink with a coral tint.

    There is another one (close enough for me)would be MAC vegas volt (coral in amplified cream finish) lipstick applied with a cool pink stain underneath (like benefit posietint, but then again, benetint already looks fuchsia on me) The two combos are just duping the color though, the formula of absolu rouge is a bit hard to get with cheaper lipsticks.


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