Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Anna Sui Purple Compact Mirror

I got this piece of purple, double sided Anna Sui mirror to replace the black one I have lost. The double sided rose mirror is one of the top Anna Sui products in (It's like a Japanese Makeup Alley and Spectra) and I kind of like it for the LE edition factor since one of the reviewers mentioned that it's only available in those duty free store for a limited time. The purple one is the same size and has the same design as the black Anna Sui Rose mirror (the one at the right is protective foudation case) . But the mirror is sprayed with shimmering paint so the finish is purple (if you look really hard, you will see the black base) while the mirror is pretty, I still prefer the black one as it's very low maintenance and glossy.
You have probably heard for a thousand time how much I love Anna Sui mirrors...Anyway, those pretty little gadgets never cease to make me happy when I just being vain for a few seconds.

P.S. Click here to see some very good pictures of Jill Stuart Mirrors by Eki and click here for a review/comparison of Jill Stuart mirror by Yolanda, she like the Anna Sui better, yay!

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