Monday, December 28, 2009

Urban Decay Las Chicas Eyeshadow Palette

I have had this Urban Decay palette for I don't know how long, I guess I will have to review it (at least there are some best seller shadow) before it's 2010.
The compact is very slim and compact. The card board is tough and there is a decent sized mirror and the compact is secured with a rubber string. I have no idea when the palette was released but I think you can find it in some discount site or eBay. I got this for 5 dollars just so you know. There are four best-selling eyeshadow from Urban Decay in the palette
Midnight Cowboy- A beige with a very tiny bit of pink tinge and golden glitter. The shade is subtle but not boring. It would look very pretty allover the lid and the glitters are just...a mouth full.

Shotgun- A silky pink-beige. There might be slight more pink than beige in the shadow. It's bright but not over the top. The texture is that of a typical urban decay, soft and blendable.

Polyester Bride- champagne white with a bit of golden micro glitter, it would be a nice allover shade but I would prefer getting rid of the glitter. The shade would make a nice highlighter but I don't think it's as soft/creamy to be used around those more delicate eye area.

Smog-Deep creamy brown with a good deal of olive tinge. I can sure see why if the color is a best seller. the color makes a perfect crease shade but since my eyes doesn't have that deep crease, it would prefer to use it as liner. (Too bad urban decay shadow doesn't make the cut to be a cake liner.)

The shadow are very rich and satiny when I swipe with finger or a very dense brush. It's creamy and rich like Stila without the dustiness. However, when I used a very fine flat eyeliner brush to pick it up for eyeliner (since many Nars and Stila shadow can be used this way so every time I get a high end shadow, I assume that it could be used dry, as eyeliner), the powder just crumbled instead of connecting into a thin, continuous line. Urban decay eyeshadow as very nice as eyeshadow but I prefer NARS for the versatility.
Beside the eyeshadow, there are also four lip color (already discontinued so I am not going to bother swacthing those) and powder blush called score (a golden/yellow/poopy apricot that looks like dirt on me) but I didn't bother to take picture.


  1. Oh, I so hate that Urban Decay glitter. The shadows would be the bomb without it, but it always end up on my cheeks by lunch time :(

  2. The packaging is gorgeous but I agree the shadows would be better without the glitter.

  3. Oh, I'd never seen Shotgun before... it looks lovely! I'm with you on the glitter overload. Get rid of it already UD!

  4. Man, u really know where all the good deals are!
    So do advice, where else is good for a bargain besides Marshalls and TJ Maxx?

  5. Pixie:
    The glitter are just...there and annoying. I think midnight cowboy ride again is at least really flashy with those glitter overload.
    I would say UD is cute but when I saw it for the first time (like too faced) I thought it was a low-end brand.
    Shotgun is quite nice compared to the two glittery ones.
    It depends where you are. I like my grocery store the best but it's Texas only. Anyway, try the clearance basket at CVS or Walgreen around May or December (the end of the semesters) there would be a lot of dirt cheap stuff. (They would be the left over for each limited edition with cardboard display). I also like to combine discount. Like using manufacturers coupon with BOGO sale and pile them with CVS x-dollar-off-x-purchase coupon.

    You should also check out some grocery store after Christmas. I just saw 50ml Vera Wang princess + shower gel + lotion for 20 bucks in my grocery store...drugstore should be doing similar things as well.

  6. Hey! The glitters are why i buy urban decay...u ppl r cray cray. U just use a little bit, dont Cover ur entire eye with ittttt! And if u dont like the glitter Buy another shade! They dont all.have.micro glitter


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