Thursday, December 24, 2009

Stila Jewel Collection New for the Hollidays

Sometime I wonder exactly how many brands are releasing makeup collection with Starry Night theme anyway. There is Sonia Kashuk, Lancome, Elegance, Chic Choc, Maquillage, Shu Uemura... Then from my Sephora window shopping Stila did it again, with their Jewel Eyeshadow Palette. ($32)
Copied straight from Sephora

- Rose Quartz (light pink with silver sparkle)
- Amethyst (grey eggplant with champagne sparkle)
- Black Diamond (black with silver sparkle)
- Golden Topaz (champagne shimmer with silver and gold sparkle)

They reminds me of surface of MAC solar bits (they look like loose shadow to me) but they didn't really mention the texture of the palette on the website. I do like the packaging as well but loose shadow are just not my thing.
Another interesting set would be the Jewel fullsized lip gloss trio ($32). Look at that deep purple with gold flecks. (I wonder how in the world is that supposed to be wearable consider Stila lip glaze are generally quite pigmented.)

Black Diamond Mascara ($24) - Yeah, the mascara comes in black and blue (but the blue one is still called "Black Diamond mascara") and they are swirled with crushed diamond. (No need to go Ohh & Ahh over it since diamond's price is exponentialy proportional to the weight/size, crushed diamond are practically worthless, as I have stated this for 100x on the blog)

Am I having a dejavu or this looks like a twin sister of a trio from All Doll'd Up Palette ? Actually there are 6 shades available and the other five are new (and boring colors I already have.)

Yumberry (that thing is deep purple-red and so yummy in real life) Crush Lips and Cheek Stain. I love Stila cherry crush but I sort of quit it after my second tube because buying a tube of 24 dollars cheek stain that would last less than a month is like flushing money down toilet.

P.S. They are all out-of-stock (probably not stocked yet) so don't bother getting your credit card out.


  1. These actually look quite good! Not that I would buy any of them...
    Is that safe? Having diamonds in your masacara? what if it gets into ur eyeballs??? And like...slices it or something :S

  2. Ooh exactly the collection I was talking about. I do think everything looks really pretty! Haha sorry if this sounds sorta repetitive. The "pearl" and the "diamond" Stila has done just seems a bit gimmicky. I think the lip stain color looks really nice and so does the palette but probably way overpriced. I love the two lip glaze colors other than the first one.

  3. Daituf:
    I think it would be alright since only diamond crystal are good for cutting plus these powder are in a cream form...Loose glitter seems a lot more dangerous to me.

    The pearl is definitely a huge gimmick since the main component in pearl is talc and talc is the main ingredient of eyeshadow...grinded pearl is pretty much the same as chalk so why I wonder they say it give them a pearly shine. Since the shine is from mica instead...

    Everybody will be thinking that those trio are overprice after they spend 28 dollars for four of them with a compact. Now is 20+2 for a single with a


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