Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Paint your Laptop with OPI

Apparently OPI and Dell are having a deal on customized laptop cover (extra money need of course! I am guessing something like 50-80 bucks?) with OPI nail lacuquer shade of your choice (pick one from the 26 shades.) !
I picked my favorite of the bunch: Parlez Vous OPI. While I like how it looks on the model's hand (which coincidentally look a lot like those of Polish Pixie's ) I am not sure how much I like it on the laptop and for the price, I might just buy several bottles of nail polish, if I get sick of one shade, I can switch to another.

You can play the game at OPI.com (find the OPI X Dell icon). And tell me what's your favorite paint!


  1. That is pretty cool.. and useless, hahaha.

  2. Awww, thank you :)

    The "Holiday Glow" one looks quite good. I'd want a holo version though!

  3. lol, my laptop cover is the bright pink one called La Paz-itivly Hot.


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