Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Pentax k-x, I want you...

Another lemming from my window shopping...Pentax k-x Camera with colorful skins. It's a DSLR with huge canon like lenses! (Redundant, but for all the amateurs like me, don't you just get impressed at the sight of the lenses?)
I clicked through all of the colors (you can play the game here or see the whole flowery introduction ) and it was hard to pick my favorite since the red, green , navy, blurple, plummy, gold, silver white...they all look very pretty. You can also see it from the four sides or click for fine detail and stuff...
Oh, do tell me your favorite color if you happen to have played the game.
According to Feb 2010 issue of Mina. The black, white and red ones come with matching lenses and for other colors, you just have to use the black one. (I like the black one better though.) And is it just me or these camera kind of look like those people from Super Sentai (Where power rangers get their ideas from.)?
Anyway, they would totally be on the second on my will-buy-if-won-lottery list. The first spot is taken by Guerlain cherry blossom meteorite compact...


  1. Ohhh. How I do want a nice expensive camera. Too bad they're not as portable or light as those thin ones.

  2. the colors are so nice! i will fall for anything with a "skin" :)

  3. smiley:
    It seems that everybody wants one, recently there is a herd of blogger are getting some DSLR (canon Xi something like that?) I am a bit jealous but now I am bit bored...

    Anyway, for the same price, I would probably go for big ones that takes nice picture rather than compact slim camera since I already carry a lot of useless junk with me, a bigger camera doesn't hurt.(Not that I would buy one anyway)
    Yeah, I remember whe I saw the skin (is it supposed to be called skin when it's not removable?) on dell x opi laptop I was like whatever...but I seriously want every single one of this camera...Too bad the colored ones are not available in US.


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