Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Haul-a-day and Anna Sui Makeup Bag

It's boxing day today, what did you get? I got...
-A new makeup bag from an 2007 Christmas collection (I was surprised the website actually had the set)
-A bunch of Anna Sui stuff.
-Camera ( It's just a point & shoot had to work over holidays for it...That things eat out color like no other...)
-Clothes from mom and a lash tool
-Laptop (one thing Asian parents do is that they buy you stuff so you do whatever they told you to.)
-Two Sally Hansen Nail Color
-A tube of lipstick (Wanna guess the brand?)
-Some purple things
-Horn combs to review

Sometime I (I mean I always) don't enjoy doing sponsored review. I have to really tone down my sarcasm even I don't like the product at all, since it's not nice to be an ass when people spend time and effort sending you things to review...Back to topic.

The mirror is in a red based shimmering purple (it looks too blue in the above picture) but the color is more true to life in the picture below.
The makeup bag looks pretty well made with the typical Anna Sui purple lining and pouches to put mirror and tweezers. Mint green seems to be quite popular in Spring 2010.

Since I have already put so many pictures up, I might as well show you what I stuff into the bag (which is quite roomy.) See that orange tube of gloss? My very first lip gloss was from that brand and it's the only gloss that I save till the last drop since the only places to get it is some Hong Kong drugstores...

I don't usually use wallet (I just put my cards into my pocket.) but now I need one to keep my receipt so I can return things I don't love. The bath and body work hand cream smells way too strong but it's rich and creamy enough for winter. My camera has a weird exposure system (?) that it washes out all the white on my powder case...the old one words so much better without the stupid auto light adjustment...

I have gotten quite a few Anna Sui items but it seems that I am stilling craving for the Anna Sui brow powder...What should I do? Shave off my eyebrows? (Even Claw-dia is going "Shame on you" ...)


  1. Don't shave off your brows! Just give in purchasing the brow Powder from Anna Sui :) lol Happy Holidays girl!

  2. Nikki:
    Happy Holidays to you as well!

    I am still undecided but hopefully I won't cave in because I have no where to fill the brows...

  3. AHAHA! Haul-a-day!!! You kill me!!!
    It's funny coz it's true!!! XD
    I didn't really find much deals's snowing cats and dogs here so didn't shop too much...
    Do you live in australia or...heaven? I see no snow in sight... -___- God I hate winter...
    I like that anna sui pouch and mirror... Very elegant, yet looks lightweight.

  4. Daituf:
    You can always shop online...I love Anna Sui mirrors as well (my favorite is actually the black rose one) as it's just the right size and weight and is very stratch resistant. I want to collect all of them (well I sort of did...)


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