Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fashion Guru

I was watching that Taiwanese show about beauty,fashion and vain things of the sort. And there is an episode they invited a fashion guru talking about how to dress up in a high fashionable way without breaking the bank.

According to the guru, with some mad mix-and-match skills, some second hand Chanel and for a couple of thousand US dollars (which translate into 2-3 months rent in a small NYC apartment, a semester worth of tuition in a state college, 200+ Nars eyeshadow singles or 5000 cheese burgers...) you will look as hip as...
Grandma, is that you !?
Well, I guess girls from red light district do like luxury brands hand bags...I personally would pick cheese burgers over 2nd hand Chanel denim (grandma) jacket anytime though.


  1. These beauty/fashion related taiwanese shows always crack me up. The hosts are always overly enthusiastic and unabashedly vain/shallow. Used to kinda piss me off, but I just laugh at it now.

  2. I don't eat beef but I would also say YES TO CHICKEN BURGERS TOO over the 2nd hand Chanel denim jacket... I'm not even sure if it's even 2nd hand it could be like 6th hand or something...that's just not hip anymore heheheeh... I do love food too much hahahahah...

  3. Laura:
    I do think that they put excess emphasis on brand names/being "hip and fashionable" and pretty and now it has a negative effect (at least on me) that I altomatically think that people who love big brands (yet doesn't look all that good in those) are shallow.

    haha, I guess the jacket was sold for a reason, but I don't get why should it be sold 1st hand in the first place.

  4. I'd also like a cheese burger, please :)

  5. Pixie:
    Is it for your cats? lol.

  6. My catz no can has cheezburgrz!


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