Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Clear lip gloss - A balm and a base.

I probably have way too many tubes of clear lip gloss just like how I have way too many bottles of clear nail polish. Anyway, I never tossed any of those as they come in handy when I need good balm for my feeling lips during winter. Glosses just keep my lips wet and seal in the moisture much better than actual wax based lip balm, all I need is a thick layer of clear gloss applied right after shower and before bed. All the flaking and peeling would be reduced by at least 70%.
Beside lip balm, clear gloss (or any non gooey gloss) works as a base as some other bolder colors (since most of my lip combo are lipstick on top of a gloss) . Today's very boring lip combo would feature the clear gloss from a bath and body works lip gloss (love it as overnight treatment!) and a lipstick I don't like all that much: MAC lustre lipstick in Freckletone.
Freckletone was one of my few bandwagon purchases since almost everysingle member in that forum had a tube of this. The color is a creamy nude apricot. I don't like it that much on itself or layered...

P.S. My skin gets pretty ashy during winter, just deal with it.


  1. Your lips are pretty! Makes mine look like old lady lips by comparison!

  2. Pixie:
    Thanks, wait till you see a bleeding one...(My lips can get pretty nasty since the epidermis around there are quite thin, on top of that, I peel those skin off when I am stressed out by final exams...)

  3. I love the first photo!!! Your lips look soooo moisturized! I use a clear gloss too when my lips get super dry!

  4. What? For real? Usually lip gloss just dry my lips out... I never thought to use it as a... treatment! I have got to try that!
    So no lip balm, just lipgloss before bed?

  5. Daituf:
    I guess it depends on what gloss (goopy ones don't usually work), lancome juicy tube and benefit california kissin are the best "balm" I have tried but they are both a bit pricey.

  6. You have beautiful lips! I use clear gloss on top of lipsticks but I never thought of using it instead of lip balm before. I'm curious to try that now.

  7. Freckletone looks so natural on you! It would probably make me look dead since all those nude lip makeup gurus love them.

  8. Gio:
    I guess it only works if you lips has thin epidermis but I love using clear watery gloss as a base since they make the color less harsh.

    It does make me look dead, just so your know.

  9. What clear glosses do you have? I find that a lot of glosses feels drying on me when they dry.

  10. I don't have any colorless gloss at the moment but many shades of lancome juicy tubes are more or less clear so I use them for layering purposes.


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